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Good medicine is always by your side: Encounter with Qidali® (2) Recognition of Qidali®
Good medicine is always by your side: meet Qi Dali®
The "13th Five-Year" Industry Development Seminar of the Expert Committee of the Membrane Industry Association was held
Scientists successfully prepared a molecular sieve membrane "thinner than a cicada's wing"
The Membrane Technology Research Institute of Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Industry and Research feels the general secretary's eagerness to look forward to
The application-oriented high-performance water treatment membrane design and preparation project was selected into the 973 plan
The domestic waste landfill in Hegang City, Heilongjiang, will be put into use by membrane technology to treat leachate
Jiangsu University pioneered a protein enzymatic hydrolysis membrane separation coupling reaction technology method
Reverse osmosis advanced treatment of leachate in Shantou Leidashi domestic garbage sanitary landfill
"Water Special Project" results "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Advanced Technology Compilation" released in the first batch
Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the "Action Plan for Water Pollution Prevention and Control" has been issued
A breakthrough has been made in the development of an electrocatalytic membrane reactor with self-cleaning function
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