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The results of the "water project" were published in the first batch
The state council has issued a notice on the issuance of the action plan for water pollution prevention and control
Membrane industry association expert committee "13th five-year" industry development seminar
The 13th five-year industrial development seminar was held by the expert committee of membrane industry association
The notice of the state council on the issuance of the action plan for the prevention and control of water pollution has been issued
The first batch of "compilation of advanced technologies for water pollution prevention and control" was released
Reverse osmosis deep treatment of leachate in shantou leishi sanitary landfill
A coupling reaction technique for separation of proteolytic membrane was developed in jiangsu university
Leachate treatment by membrane process will be put into use in hegang municipal solid waste landfill in heilongjiang province
Application oriented high performance water treatment membrane design and preparation project was selected into the 973 plan
Jiangsu institute of film science and technology institute felt the general secretary's expectations
Scientists have successfully produced molecular sieve membranes that are thinner than cicada's wings
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