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"Water Special Project" results "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Advanced Technology Compilation" released in the first batch

2015/04/14 15:11
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"China Environment News" reporter Guo Wei

According to a report from China Environment Network on April 7, 2015, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Environmental Protection that the "Compilation of Advanced Technologies for Water Pollution Prevention and Control" (hereinafter referred to as "Technical Compilation") was released, and the next step will be to release the second and third batches of advanced technologies in due course. , to provide scientific and technological support for the "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan" to be released by the State Council.

It is understood that in order to promote the social sharing and application transformation of technical achievements related to the major water pollution control and governance science and technology project (hereinafter referred to as the "water special project"), the water special project took the lead in organizing the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to implement the first phase of the water special project. More than 1,000 key technologies produced since then have been evaluated and screened, and domestic experts from various industries have been invited to review and select 283 representative technological achievements that are technologically advanced, economically feasible, easy to promote, and highly reproducible, and compiled the first batch of "Technology Compilation" ".

The reporter learned from the Water Special Management Office that in the past eight years since the implementation of the Water Special Project, focusing on water pollution control, it has given full play to scientific and technological support and demonstration in the prevention and control of major river pollution, the implementation of the sewage permit system, and the upcoming "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan" issued by the State Council. The leading role reflects the due value of major special projects.

In the first stage of the water special project, more than 1,000 key technologies were developed, more than 500 scientific and technological demonstration projects were built, more than 2,300 patents were applied (1,221 domestic and foreign patents have been authorized), more than 100 rapid detection methods were developed, and more than 300 items were formed Standards and technical specifications have become an important starting point for national water pollution control, water environment monitoring, and water environment management policy formulation. They have improved the national environmental emergency monitoring capabilities and levels, and strongly supported national and local pollution reduction.

The "Technical Collection" compiled and distributed this time covers water pollution control technologies in heavily polluting industries (68 items), rural agricultural pollution control technologies (25 items), water body treatment and restoration technologies (24 items), and urban pollution control technologies (43 items). , Drinking water safety assurance technology (50 items), monitoring and early warning technology (28 items) and management technology (45 items), the selected technologies come from lakes, rivers, cities, drinking water, monitoring The six themes of early warning and policy have all been applied in relevant demonstration projects, and have been carried out in actual implementation and third-party monitoring, and have the prospect of further promotion.


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