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Gather your heart and strength and sail away

2019/06/26 09:15
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For expanding staff working ideas, improve work methods and improve work efficiency, strengthen internal communication and cohesion, enhance the level of management skills and, on December 15 to 17, 2018, the company general manager JiZuHuan personally led the high-level management personnel and engineering department and the ministry of commerce company all staff to gaochun, carried out a special training.


This outward bound training has various forms and rich contents. There are not only professional teachers' teaching and practical training on "team cooperation" and "business etiquette", but also collective activities that exercise teamwork, such as "speed stitching", "desert nuggets", "you guess me" and evening activities. Through the colorful team activities, the communication and trust among colleagues are increased, and the teamwork consciousness and ability are improved.


Through this training, general manager ji zuhuan put forward clear requirements for future work, requiring all employees to do: honesty, heart, coordination, innovation, and practice these four words in practical work requirements, seriously understand the spirit of this training, so that the company's management level and team cooperation ability to step up to a new level.

On the afternoon of 17th, we returned to nanjing by bus after the training.