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Good medicine is always by your side: Encounter with Qidali® (2) Recognition of Qidali®

2022/12/09 11:21
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Editor's Note: On April 28, 2022, Zhang Guimin, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of the group company, gave an academic report entitled "Recognition of Qi Dali" in the No. 1 conference room of the pharmaceutical company, explaining the enlightenment to the cadres and employees of the pharmaceutical company The research results of Dudley interpret the dose-effect relationship of Qidali, and reveal the scientific basis of Qidali for the prevention and treatment of the new crown. At the same time, it is also hoped that the majority of employees will strengthen their studies, improve their understanding, and enhance their confidence and determination to overcome the new crown epidemic. The medicine is well known, publicized and used well, benefiting more people and contributing to the healthy world of Lunan.

The following is based on the recording of the speech, which is only for internal learning of employees.

In the past month, we have donated a total of 1 million boxes of Qi Dali to the Shanghai epidemic. Many people will think, why does Mr. Zhang spare no effort to donate Qidali (Jingfang Granules) to all parts of the country? If it's a useless item, would you like to donate it? During this period of the epidemic, data shows that there are more than 300,000 Shandong people in Shanghai. I estimate that Lanling and Tancheng people can account for nearly 100,000, and there are more than 200 of our salesmen in Shanghai. What did the epidemic in Shanghai bring to people? Anxiety, fear. What should I do when people are very anxious when the epidemic situation is unknown and uncertain? We can solve food and clothing, but what if I get the new crown? There is no certainty about future solutions. Therefore, today I will talk about Qidali, and I want to tell everyone about the certainty of Lunan's response to the epidemic in the future. With Qidali (Jingfang Granules), we don’t need to worry anymore, and we don’t need to say what should I do if I have the new crown like others? Very simple, there is a way! Just like the article I wrote before, "Good medicine is always by my side" , but why did you talk about meeting Qi Dali? Because no one understands him, no one understands him either.



Five of the salespeople in Shanghai were infected positive and entered the shelter. They wrote about their situation. In fact, many salesmen did not drink Qidali (Jingfang Granules), and they always felt: I'm young, I'm strong, I'm awesome, it doesn't matter if I drink or not. But when you were really sealed in Shanghai, you started to drink. There is also a way to drink. There is a reason why the company recommended one or two bags at a time in the early days. Why do you say that if you really want to get the new crown, you need to drink 6 bags or 8 bags/time, and when will you drink 6 bags or 8 bags/time? Of course you don’t know, yesterday I told Wang Jingjing that the driver in charge of donating in Shanghai should drink 8 bags at a time and 24 bags three times a day. Today I will tell you why?

Our certainty about the future, in fact, from the perspective of Qidali (Jingfang Granules) itself, the prescription of more than 470 years, plus Ginseng Baidu Powder, should be a thousand-year prescription. Because of the addition of Nepeta and Fangfeng, Qidali (Jingfang Granules) has a clearer effect of removing the surface. Everyone has to understand two sentences, the first and fourth are the magic medicine for colds. I think we Lunan people have no problem with this sentence, because the company sends some every time the season changes, and I feel good when I come home with two bags. Especially during this time, I contacted many friends and said: "Mr. Zhang, your Qidali (Jingfang Granules) is very good. When I feel a little bit about to catch a cold, I drink two bags, three times a day, and the next day. Well, nothing's wrong." This is the most basic treatment for colds (the treatment method) of sweating and relieving the exterior, which is to relieve the exterior. In fact, what does it mean to solve the table? Colds include the new crown, which is superficial poison. It first enters your skin from the "surface" and enters your respiratory system. This is called superficial syndrome. How do you expel the "surface poison"? The mechanism of action of Qidali (Jingfang Granules) is to sweat and relieve the surface. Everyone must first clarify the logic, sweat, and solve the table. You "smart people" don't sweat, and you can't unlock the watch without sweating. These four words are logically related, and you have to sweat to understand the expression. In fact, I think most people, even if you can't sweat every day, you sweat every two or three days, and only sweating can relieve the watch. Qidali (Jingfang Granules) should be drunk while it is hot, because drinking it while it is hot will force you to have a stress response, so you can sweat. The prescription of Jingfangbaidu Powder is for sweating. If you don’t sweat, its effect will be greatly reduced, so the logic of sweating should be deeply placed in everyone’s heart, so whenever you catch a cold, you have to sweat.



Second, the plague cure agent. Why is it called the "Tong" cure for plague? Before western medicine entered China, we relied on traditional Chinese medicine. There was no so-called definition of bacteria and virus, but it was a general and uncomfortable thing. Jing Fang Bai Du San, all poisons are defeated, there is no exclusive, no distinction between viruses and bacteria, no restrictions. Including saying that you have bad stomach and diarrhea after eating, it is to detoxify you. Today everyone published a book "Jing Fang Granule Seeking the Truth", everyone read it carefully, you will find that it can treat so many diseases, it is "tong", it is effective for all diseases. Everyone needs to understand why it is effective for all diseases, and where is the "Tong" of the plague "Tong" medicine? There is another meaning of curing all diseases: qi and blood flow, the so-called generalization means no pain, and pain means obstruction. So "Tong" has two meanings, one is for you as an individual, for your body, after your qi and blood are unblocked, there will be less external evils coming in, and you will be healthy; the other is to cure all diseases.

At present, the epidemic is globalized, and Western medicine has no good solution. Traditional Chinese medicine is still the best solution, because it is holistic.



How to explain the overall curative effect of Qidali? How to improve your immunity as a whole, improve your body function, and keep people from getting sick? Look at the picture now. Although there are only 4 curves, it was made by hundreds of people and hundreds of thousands of points. What it presents is just a simple result. Look at the blue line, it shows the dosage of two bags at a time that everyone often drinks. After testing with Xingyingshen medicine, the internal organs and 21 meridians (organs) of the whole body are marked on it. Look at the blue line, two bags can activate What are the targets of action? First, the activation rate of the liver is 100%, the second is the heart, the third is the stomach, the fourth is the blood circulation, and then there are 9 meridians (organs) including the gallbladder, large intestine, spleen, kidney, bladder and urinary system. There are 21 meridians (organs) in total, half of which can be activated with two bags at a time.

Let me talk to you about Jingfang Baidu Powder. From the perspective of Western medicine, detoxification must be the liver, everyone agrees, so the first thing activated by this prescription is the liver - 100%, the above record is 2 bags/time, and the same is true for 1 bag/time, the liver activation rate 100%, first open your detoxification channel. Of course, a good Chinese medicine prescription should solve the acquired foundation, which is the spleen and stomach. A good TCM is not the best TCM if it cannot regulate the spleen and stomach of the patient. In this prescription, you can see that the second high point is the spleen, the third is the stomach, and the fourth is the gallbladder, which is also used for digestion, including the large intestine. It is to make the acquired foundation very well, regulate the spleen, The stomach, gallbladder, and large intestine allow the entire digestive cycle to provide maximum energy support for the body and increase the energy to resist external forces. There is also a point on the far right, the kidney is the innate foundation, and it can also improve kidney function, the kidney plus the urinary system. A friend gave me feedback that after drinking Qidali (Jingfang Granules), his bladder and urinary system problems were solved.

The energy activation of 2 bags/time is so much. When we judged with Xingying Shenyue, two bags could not solve the lung problem. Therefore, we are faced with a lot of eczema and urticaria. If you give him 2 bags/time, even drinking for two months will not improve. But Yang Haitao's acute urticaria has been resolved, why should it be resolved? By measure! We used the lungs as a monitoring point when we were conducting experiments, and when we drink 6 bags/time, it will have an effect on the lungs. In the figure, the red line represents the effect of 6 bags per time. You will see that all the 21 meridians (organs) listed above are effective, but the intensity of the effect is different. Of course, the higher ones are still higher. Everyone will look at the liver and lungs. , stomach, spleen, and joint activation rates are all up, allergies, skin, nerves and other high energy are all up.

But you can see, it is not as good as the data of 8 bags/time of the yellow curve above, and the activation rate of each meridian (organ) of 8 bags/time is not weak. In terms of intensity, 8 bags/time is the most average, basically at the highest value of activation. Why is 8 bags/time the best? Or why is it 8 bags/time? Later, we asked the State Key Office to pick 11 wild herbs from the market, and compared wild and planted herbs. The curative effect of 2 bags of wild and 8 bags of plants is the same! So where is Chinese medicine dead? The death of traditional Chinese medicine lies in the medicine first, but there is no evaluation method for the efficacy of this medicine. If there is no evaluation method, you can only use the original prescription.

Of course, some people, I saw from the Internet, some people used aconite to 150 grams, not because it was used in a large amount, but because the medicine was useless, and its curative effect was only 1/10 of the original, so the dosage must be increased to 10 times to be the same as The original curative effect is comparable. Of course, the situation is the same for Qidali (Jingfang Granules). If anyone here can buy all 11 wild herbs, you can boil them yourself at home, and the original amount of the original recipe will reach the current effect of 8 bags per time. What is the effect? It makes your system and internal organs have no shortcomings, and even if there are shortcomings, it will make up for you. This is why Yang Haitao drank 6 or 8 bags/time to treat acute urticaria, and the best amount was 8 bags/time.



That's why I let the business people in Shanghai drink 8 bags/time. There is also a story here. What can the lungs control? The lungs are in charge of the skin. Traditional Chinese medicine says that the lungs govern the skin and hair, and the lungs are also connected with the large intestine. Well, when we treat many skin diseases now, we must first activate the lungs. If you cannot activate the lungs, you cannot activate the skin, nor can you activate allergies. In fact, there are a lot of skin diseases nowadays. In fact, what makes people uncomfortable is allergic symptoms. When patients go to the hospital, the doctor can only prescribe anti-allergic drugs for you, so that you don’t feel pain or itching, but it can’t solve the fundamental problem. If you make a mistake this year, you will continue to make it next year , I have to commit the crime in the next year, and it will not be better in this life. But we use 8 bags/time or 6 bags/time. In fact, I don’t recommend 6 bags/time. When I see this data, I definitely recommend 8 bags/time. Because most of the time I don’t know where your body is weak, so let’s take something real and use 8 bags/time to improve all your unknown, uncertain and low immunity.

Why does the key customer department ask him to drink 6 bags or 8 bags/time, the data on the picture is obvious, if you don’t drink 6 bags or 8 bags/time, the function of the pancreas will not improve, including Yin Jixiang, let everyone drink it, please don’t resist , do not repel. 6 bags/time and 8 bags/time are the same on the pancreas, including the spleen, but if the small intestine is not good, many people have enteritis and irritable bowel syndrome, everyone has to see what dosage to choose, 6 bags / time or 8 bags / time? It must be 8 bags per time. In terms of regulation ability, we should choose the one with the strongest regulation ability. This is called individualized and differentiated regulation.

There is also a fuzzy gray line in the picture above, which is the value of 7 bags/time, why? 7 bags/time is for "healthy people", what did 7 bags/time do? It is to adjust people’s innate functions to the minimum. The kidneys, bladder, and urinary system, including metabolism, are basically at the minimum. It is to maintain the minimum metabolism of your body, the ideal minimum state, and a dose that minimizes energy output but keeps you alive. Just like driving a car, the engine keeps running at the lowest speed. If you are not a "healthy person", you cannot drink 7 bags/time. This is to restore the body's energy value to the ideal peaceful quality of traditional Chinese medicine, but you must be in good health to use this dose, especially at the moment of the epidemic, I do not recommend it. But if you are in good health, you can use 7 bags/time for intervention, so 7 bags/time is the concept of preventing diseases. The prevention of disease starts with Shouhui, and the prevention of disease starts with Qidali (Jingfang Granules).



This is the second picture, the green line is 7 bags/time. Foreign information medicine, it gives the score of human organ function from 0 to 100, 50 to 65 is normal, more than 65 is hyperfunction, less than 50 is low function, and the ideal value is 50. Chinese medicine talks about the balance of yin and yang, yang is better than yin, 7 bags/time can make all organ functions at a relative ideal value, slightly higher than 50. The blue line is 2 bags/time, the average is 65, 10 points higher than 55, 6 bags/time is 7 or 8 points higher, and 8 bags/time is 7 or 8 points higher. In terms of the intensity of activation, 2 bags/time, 6 bags/time, and 8 bags/time make the value rise in a straight line, but 7 bags/time does not, it is not activated, it is leveling. 7 sachets/time is more than enough to make up for the deficiency in terms of energy loss, so that the overactive organs can function, that is, all organs work at a minimum. Of course, what I’m talking about is the prevention of disease. In the current epidemic situation, if you feel that there is danger, you must keep certain values ​​in a state of high excitement and stress in order to resist the (epidemic) virus.

For Qidali (Jingfang Granules), if you look at it from the above dimensions, you can know what it is doing, what it will do, and what it can do.

Of course, regarding the new crown, I would like to tell you how we, Qidali (Jingfang Granules), prevent the Omicron virus. In fact, the "surface" where the virus first enters our body, that is, the skin and respiratory system, of course, as an asymptomatic infected person, the lightest symptom, you only need to drink 1~2 bags/time of Qidali (Jingfang Granules), Sweating is enough, enough for prevention, even mild symptoms can be solved by drinking 2 bags/time. In case of asymptomatic infection, you can drink 1-2 bags at a time, but remember to sweat, sweating is to clear the watch and let the virus escape from your body.

The test we are doing in the hospital is to use 2 bags/time, three times a day, and the cloud will turn negative in 3 to 7 days. Those who are physically strong will take three to four days, and those who are not strong will turn cloudy within a maximum of 7 days. So what are you afraid of? I just want to ask everyone, what are you worried about, what are you afraid of? Asymptomatic infected persons, with Qidali (Jingfang Granules), we don’t need to be afraid! The next step is that the virus attacked the lungs and started to cough. According to this picture, how many bags do you need to use? To solve lung problems, use at least 6 bags/time. As long as you start to cough, you must use more than 6 bags/time, 8 bags/time is the best. In fact, how much Qidali (Jingfang Granules) do you need to save? Let’s do the math, one person takes 24 bags a day, a family of three takes 72 bags a day, and 7 days, a total of 504 bags are needed to keep the three members of the family healthy. This logic will count, right? 24 bags per person per day, even if you are infected, use this amount within 7 days and you will be able to turn negative, and you will be completely cured! In fact, you don't even need one item. According to the market price, it costs less than 3,000 yuan to protect the health of your family.



The next step is after infection, cough and fever. In fact, fever is similar to evil entering the blood. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine says that the body effect reaches the blood circulation. You can also see from Figure 2 that the heart, metabolism and blood circulation related to blood circulation can solve the problem with 8 bags per time when you have a fever. But there is still one word - Khan! You have to sweat, and there has to be sweating at any dose. So today I have been talking about "sweating to relieve the surface" from beginning to end today, so the worst thing we are using Qidali (Jingfang Granules) now is that the medicine will not work, the method is wrong, and there is no sweating. A salesman in the cabin in Shanghai, he washed himself with cold water, and he couldn't sweat even if he was beaten to death. There was no hot water, and we were limited by the conditions. We all understand. Then just put the granules in your mouth and chew them. If there is no water, make water yourself. Use the saliva in your mouth to hold it for 10 minutes. So if you want to know how to use it and dare to use it, you have to use it scientifically!

In fact, the prevention of the new crown is very clear from this picture. For the syndrome, the virus attacks the surface, 2 bags/time, we did the test and found that 1 bag/time is also ok, 1 bag/time activates the liver, there is no problem, and I guess the spleen and stomach are also fine. But if you have a cough and fever, you need to increase the amount. Of course, remember to sweat while taking the medicine. Sweating is the key to this prescription. The key is to talk about the efficacy of medicine, which must have this thing. Not sweating is useless, I just drank 8 bags at a time, and now I sweat when I talk. I see that the 5 positive cases of our business personnel in Shanghai have no fever for about 2 to 3 days. In fact, we can use Qidaqing (Chaiyin) for fever. The effect of reducing fever is very good.

In fact, this medicine of Qingqing cannot be used as a preventive medicine, because it is cold in nature, and the medicine of cold nature kills the spleen and stomach first. Our salespeople in Shanghai, I remember that in the early days, two salesmen all had diarrhea after taking Xingqing for two days. I don’t believe you can try it. There is no problem with clearing away heat, and diarrhea is not necessarily a bad thing, it may also be your body's detoxification reaction.

Cool things can hurt the spleen and stomach, so I say that Xingqing is absolutely effective for fever symptoms, but it is not suitable for prevention, while Qidali (Jingfang Granules) can. Why can Qidali (Jingfang Granules) be used as preventive medicine? It is because it is the medicine of Xinping. In traditional Chinese medicine, if it is cold, it is hot, and if it is hot, it is cold, which is the reverse tone. Qidali (Jingfang Granules) is not. Turn it up and don't turn it down. Therefore, it is said that gold is easy to get, but tranquilizers are hard to find. Our Qidali (Jingfang Granules) is a tranquilizer.



Also, this prescription regulates qi and blood. "Qi" is "yang" in traditional Chinese medicine. Our prescription is a prescription of 11 herbs. Yesterday I was talking to Mr. Wang that our Qidali (Jingfang Granules) is "Qi", Shouhui is "Bian", and "Bie" is Yin, which is the eight-flavored medicine. Think about it, everyone, is it magical? 2, 4, 6, and 8 are all yin, and the human body’s stool is yin. It’s so weird, you can say I’m dragging it. If you don’t believe me, we can let Guo Jinjuan of Xingyingshen Medicine do an experiment to see if we subtract 1 ingredient from our medicine and see if it still works? It should be gone, because it does not conform to the theory of "Tao", that is, from the dimension of Yin and Yang, "Qi" is "Yang", you must have all the attributes of "Yang", if you don't have it, it does not conform to the theory of "Tao" . Going back to the great way to simplicity, why is Shouhui "absolute" and why it is good, because it also conforms to the "Tao", and if it conforms to 8, it is "yin". This "Tao" is right. I have explained numerically that 11 is "Yang", 8 is "Yin", Jingfang regulates "Qi", and Shouhui regulates "Bian".

Is the dosage of Jingfang related to body weight? Regardless of weight. Regardless of multiplicity, experimental data showed no difference. If it is a child who drinks 2 bags/time, the elderly should not sweat strongly. If he is physically fit, that is to say, after drinking, he does not feel weak and acts as usual, so he can sweat. If you are physically weak and don’t even want to walk when you have a cold, then I suggest you buy some ginseng and some American ginseng containing Huahua. After adding ginseng, you can go back to Renshen Baidu powder. This is a method often used by an expert to treat geriatric diseases. Add ginseng to the original formula, add ginseng to invigorate Qi, and return to the prescription of Ginseng Baidu Powder, but it is not Ginseng Baidu Powder, because it contains Nepeta and Fangfeng. Jingfangbaidu San is to add Schizonepeta and Fangfeng. These three herbs are not in one prescription. Adding ginseng makes the three herbs in one prescription. It becomes the addition and subtraction of Ginseng Baidu Powder.

According to the logic I just said, I suggest that after adding ginseng, one more medicine should be added, and 11 medicines should be kept. Why does Ginseng Baidu Powder have many defects and is not as good as Jingfang Baidu Powder? That is, from a top-level logic point of view, Renshen Baidu Powder has 10 herbs, and Jingfang Baidu Powder has 11 herbs. This is where they are different. The 11 herbs are more in line with the logic of "yang".



Our prescription for treating eczema and acute urticaria has been verified by a large number of patients, so don't worry. We went to the Entrepreneur Association the other day and 1 in 4 people had hives, a seasonal flare up. When I was talking, I saw his eyes light up, and I saw that he didn't have urticaria, so I asked: "Do you have eczema?" Many, which is why everyone is required to publicize. Publicity is to use these mature results to solve the health problems of ordinary people.

One more thing, why hangover? Just a word: Compared with using Qidali (Jingfang Granules) 6 bags or 8 bags/time, the alcohol content in the blood is only 1/4 of the original, can you hangover? able! If you can sweat, you basically don’t drink after drinking alcohol. In fact, it seems that many people who hangover have not sweated, and Qidali (Jingfang Granules) still have to sweat.

At present, everyone has only grasped the superficial aspects of this product, and have not grasped the "God" of this product. The "God" of this recipe is sweating. Through this picture, you will know how to treat based on syndrome differentiation. Combining these two pictures, I hope everyone can speak like me. The best convincing power of using this prescription is to take it yourself. You go out and talk about it, I drank more than 4,000 bags in two years, and this is the best proof. If you drink 1500 bags a year, you are different from others, you are healthier, and you don't spend much money. Keep drinking for a while, and your body will get better and better. So it is said that seeing a hundred things is better than hearing a hundred things, and trying a hundred things is not as good as hearing a hundred things.

In addition, no matter how many times you talk about it, it is better to solve a problem, to solve the problem of a patient around you. Of course, if you can’t solve the problem, recommend him to the Souhui Health Management Center and let professional people provide him with professional services. But there is a high probability that after having this picture, everyone can basically solve some problems, that is, give him 8 bags/time, let him drink three times a day for a month, but never forget to sweat!

Going back to this picture, let's look at it again, and lowering sugar. You see, we have never talked about hypoglycemia. In fact, hypoglycemia regulates the pancreas and endocrine. It can also lose weight (metabolism), drinking too much sweat can have a very good weight loss effect! Please make a good correspondence between the text and data on this picture, and you will almost understand after the correspondence. 

So we can reap the rapid development of Lunan while contributing to the health of the people of the whole country. Please criticize and correct what I said is wrong, and I hope that everyone can talk like me and truly benefit the people. Now I have met many people, and they will tell me: There are many people around us who drink Qidali (Jing Dali) against particles). Whoever drinks it knows how good it is.

thank you all.        

                             Transferred from the official account of the beginning of health

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