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A coupling reaction technique for separation of proteolytic membrane was developed in jiangsu university

2019/06/26 09:10
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According to science and technology daily net on January 20, 2015, there are about 90 million tons of protein by-products produced in China's agricultural product processing industry every year. Due to high denaturation degree, low solubility and poor nutritional quality, the protein resources cannot be fully utilized, resulting in serious waste of protein resources.

The research group of jiangsu university, under the national 863 program "key technologies and development of bioconversion and refining of low-value protein resources", has broken through the bottleneck, pioneered a number of key technologies, and created a series of multi-mode ultrasonic equipment. Among them, "research on key technologies of efficient preparation of functional polypeptide enzymatic method and creation of ultrasound-assisted enzymatic hydrolysis equipment" won the second prize of science and technology progress of institutions of higher learning of the ministry of education in 2013, and the first prize of technology progress of science and technology innovation award of China food science and technology association in 2014.

This research group established a new technology of multi-mode ultrason-assisted extraction and a new method of multi-mode ultrasonic enhancement of protease hydrolysis reaction, pioneered the technology of separation and coupling reaction of protein enzymatic hydrolysis membrane under the intelligent control of gradually thinning feeding, and established a new technology of ultrasonic enhanced fermentation process.

Ultrasonic equipment simple backward in our country, the project created a 12 working mode and developed the 15 sets of ultrasonic equipment, there are two kinds of model belongs to the first at home and abroad, developed China's first sweep multi-frequency ultrasonic assisted digestion test equipment, the first multifrequency countercurrent shaped type and the first double frequency sweep frequency dispersion type ultrasonic assisted digestion industrial equipment. The first ultrasonic assisted enzymatic hydrolysis functional polypeptide production line in China has been established to realize the large-scale production of rapeseed polypeptides. Rapeseed polypeptides, corn polypeptides and other products are well received by the market, and wheat germ polypeptides production line is under construction.

Plant oil preparation technology in our country, the unstable oil quality and safety, environmental pollution, low utilization rate of raw materials, the national 863 project "new food enzymes created and biological processing key technology research and innovation application" project for grain group, northeast agricultural university, research institute to moderate biological processing technology to realize the safe, efficient and cleaner production of the food.

The project breaks through the core technology, created a new type of sugar enzyme preparation, implementation of new enzymes was obtained from the environment of high temperature and its gene, gene engineering bacteria is constructed, created the enzymatic oil extraction new enzymes enzyme, realized the complex protease, catalytic technique system established suitable for the research object of different pretreatment technology, developed for protein solution from the effect of pretreatment equipment base grease.

Oil emulsion was prevalent phenomenon in biological solutions from the technology, the project to determine the appropriate breaking technology, the free oil yield of the soybean, sunflower seeds, more than 90%, special oil free oil yield is more than 80%, and clarify the demulsification and efficient method of demulsification mechanism, obtain the thermophilic cellulose enzyme, glycosidase, raised speed and efficiency of oil biological dissociation. Among them, "innovation and application of key technologies and equipment for biological dissociation and refining of plant oils" won the first prize of scientific and technological invention in heilongjiang province in 2013.

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