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Our company's invention patent won the gold medal of "Membrane Industry Patent Award"

2021/10/20 16:07
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At the 2021 China Membrane Industry Development Summit and the 4th Membrane Industry "Ma Tahu" Summit Forum held on October 17, the China Membrane Industry Association announced the selection results of the 2021 "Membrane Industry Patent Award" . Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Jiutian High-Tech) won the gold medal of the "Membrane Industry Patent Award" for its invention patent "a process and device for increasing the yield of isopropanol from acetone hydrogenation".



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The award-winning invention patent is that the Jiutian high-tech technical team introduced a new membrane separation technology in the process of acetone hydrogenation to produce isopropanol, and optimized the production process of isopropanol, thereby increasing the conversion rate of acetone and the yield of isopropanol. Compared with the traditional separation technology, the membrane separation technology with independent intellectual property rights of Jiutian Hi-Tech can solve the ternary azeotropic problem. The process is simple to operate, saves energy consumption, and does not introduce a third component in the process to avoid environmental pollution.





The patent has been successfully transformed and implemented, and has been widely promoted and applied in the solvent production and recycling of many chemical and pharmaceutical companies across the country, with mature technology and stable performance. The equipment has been in operation for a maximum of 8 years. It not only helps users save energy and reduce consumption in the production process, but also realizes the recycling of isopropanol solvent, which has significant economic benefits and environmental protection value.


This award is both an honor and a responsibility . Under the background of in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy across the country and the acceleration of the construction of a powerful intellectual property country, Jiutian Hi-Tech will keep up with the pace of the country, continue to develop and innovate, promote the transformation and implementation of independent intellectual property rights achievements, continue to increase investment in intellectual property rights, and contribute to intellectual property rights. Contribute to the construction of a strong country!


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