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In July 2018

National 863 project - steam permeable membrane for solvent recycling and application technology



"Distillation for complex organic solvent systems -- molecular sieve membrane coupling separation technology" won the first prize of science and technology award of China membrane industry association


Achieve a breakthrough of 200 sets of engineering cases

Recognized by the state intellectual property office as "national intellectual property advantage enterprise"

The first solvent recovery project is completed

The first domestic molecular sieve membrane to achieve export to Europe

The company's shares are listed and publicly transferred in the national sme share transfer system

Moved to pukou economic development zone buyue road no. 6 new factory

In November

Establish key laboratory of pervaporation membrane and membrane process

Jiangsu jiutian hi-tech co., LTD was established

Domestic first set of molecular sieve membrane isopropanol dehydration industrial equipment successfully applied

Institute of membrane science and technology, nanjing university of technology started basic research

In November 2012

On may

In November 2017

In December 2015

In September 2014

In December 2011

In June 2009

In August 2004