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Molecular sieve membrane support

Molecular sieve membrane support body is a ceramic support body with porous structure formed by high temperature sintering of alumina and mullite. Under the support of the national 863 science and technology project, jiutian hi-tech co., ltd. has successfully developed the supporting technology and products for the molecular sieve membrane synthesis process according to the growth characteristics of molecular sieve membrane layer, through the modification of ceramic aggregate, particle size grading and temperature control of sintering process. The pore size distribution of the support body is uniform, there is no big hole defect, the surface property is suitable for the growth of molecular sieve membrane, the synthetic membrane separation performance is high, the stability is good.

Product advantages:

1) uniform aperture distribution. The conventional support body in the market is not specially developed for the synthesis of molecular sieve membrane. The pore size distribution is wide and there are defects of 5~10 microns. However, molecular sieve membrane is a nanoscale separation process, and a small number of macroporous defects in the supporting body will easily lead to defects in the membrane layer and problems in its stability. The pore size distribution of mullite/alumina composite carrier is uniform (about 1 micron), and the synthesized molecular sieve membrane is compact and stable.

2) the structure and surface properties of the support body are adjustable, suitable for the growth of different types of molecular sieve membranes.

3) high mechanical strength and good abrasion resistance. The production of the special carrier of molecular sieve membrane needs to pass the high strength pressure test of 6MPa, which is not easy to break during use.

4) resistance to organic solvent and high temperature. The sintering temperature of the carrier is up to 1600℃, and it is an inorganic ceramic material, with good resistance to organic solvent and high temperature stability.

Product specifications:

product name


inner diameter

Outer diameter

Tubular single-channel support




Tubular four-channel support




Hollow fiber single channel support




Hollow fiber four channel support body