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Jiutian Hi-Tech participates in voluntary blood donation public welfare activities

2021/09/30 16:15
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On the occasion of National Day, Pukou Economic Development Zone and Nanjing Blood Donation Office organized a public welfare activity of voluntary blood donation. Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Jiutian High-Tech) actively responded to the call of the superior authorities. Under the leadership of the company's management, the labor union organized grassroots employees to participate in this upsurge of selfless dedication.


Nine-day high-tech blood donation volunteers


Donating blood without compensation is a social responsibility, and it is a noble act of saving lives and healing the wounded. This time, all employees of Jiutian Hi-Tech actively signed up to participate in the voluntary blood donation activity. Volunteers practiced the company's corporate purpose of "making contributions to society" with practical actions, and at the same time demonstrated the spirit of selfless dedication of Jiutian people.


On-site registration


Volunteers participating in voluntary blood donation collectively went to the designated place in the park, and strictly followed the epidemic prevention requirements and blood donation process guidelines for health code verification, blood donation registration, blood testing, and orderly blood donation.


In order to commend the advanced, the general manager's office of the company decided to give certain rewards to volunteers who participated in blood donation, and encouraged all employees to follow their example, actively participate in public welfare activities, dedicate love, pass on warmth, and make greater contributions to society!


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