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Jiutian Hi-Tech successfully participated in the 61st Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo

2021/11/09 16:03
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China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (CIPM) is recognized by the industry as a professional, international, large-scale, complete exhibits, large audience, and a communication platform for the pharmaceutical equipment industry that integrates trade and seminars. The 61st CIPM was successfully concluded on November 5th in Chengdu West China International Expo City . Production, processing, testing equipment and related auxiliary equipment. Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jiutian High-Tech) made its debut at this Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, and explored new developments in the future of the pharmaceutical industry with 1,435 pharmaceutical machinery companies from 26 countries and regions .


Brand display of member units (the fourth in a row is Jiutian Hi-Tech)



The use of organic solvents in China's pharmaceutical industry exceeds 10 million tons per year . Reducing the production cost of organic solvents and realizing energy conservation and emission reduction in the application process are common problems faced by process industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which urgently need the support of new separation technologies. The membrane separation technology with molecular sieve membrane as the core can realize the low-energy separation of solvent/water azeotropic system, avoid pollutant discharge, promote energy saving and emission reduction in solvent production and circulation process, and promote the technological upgrading of my country's pharmaceutical industry and the realization of pharmaceutical industry. Industrial energy conservation and emission reduction, green production, and improving the market competitiveness of application enterprises are of great significance.


The audience visited the application case model



On-site communication



At the technical exchange meeting held at the same time as the expo, Yang Zhanzhao, Director of R&D Department of Jiutian Hi-Tech, delivered a special speech. "Application of Membrane Technology in the Separation and Purification of Organic Solvents in the Pharmaceutical Industry" uses the core technology principles and detailed application cases to share on-site the green separation solutions that Jiutian Hi-Tech has core independent intellectual property rights. This solution can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the system operation, and solve the "pain points" of traditional separation processes such as high energy consumption, low yield, and secondary pollution to the environment.


Site of the technical exchange meeting at the same time



On the site of this expo, Jiutian Hi-Tech demonstrated the application examples of pharmaceutical solvent recovery solutions in the form of models, and explained in detail the typical energy-saving and environmental protection technologies of organic solvent separation and recovery solutions centered on membrane products in various application scenarios such as medicine and chemical industry While achieving high-efficiency separation, it greatly reduces energy consumption and makes positive contributions to the realization of the "double carbon" goal.


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