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Talent concept:

Talents are the strategic resources to promote the development of enterprises, and excellent employees are the most valuable wealth of enterprises. All the time, we always adhere to the people-oriented, merit-based talent concept, respect and pay attention to every employee, committed to creating a harmonious working environment, provide good development opportunities for every employee, and strive to make the enterprise become a stage for employees to show their talent, career take-off platform, the background of a happy life.

Talent strategy:

※ put people first, use career to inspire people, use culture to improve people, use treatment to attract people, use the environment to transform people, use mechanism to retain people, give full play to the role of human resources, and make the best use of people.

※ Combining the rule of law with the rule of virtue, as well as incentives and constraints, a scientific, standardized, modern and information-based management mechanism has been established.

※ market-oriented, "four first-class" (first-class technology, first-class products, first-class service, first-class enterprise) as the standard, united, hard work, active development, continuous innovation in technology, product, service and management.

※ with "three effects" (high efficiency, good effect, high efficiency), pragmatic, integrity as the criterion, users, social satisfaction as the goal, the pursuit of perfection, creation of excellence.

※ managers practice by themselves, take the lead in setting an example, establish a learning organization, and build a "four-you" staff with ideals, morals, culture and discipline (quality, talent, responsibility and wealth).

※ create opportunities and platforms for employees to show their talents and realize their value, so that all employees have a sense of belonging, work together with the company to grow and develop, and share the company's development results.

※ create nine-day unique corporate culture and form nine-day unique operation and management mode.

※ build a harmonious, joyful, inspired, enduring, passionate and energetic nine-day high school.