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About us

Purpose of the enterprise

Strive for the dream!

To provide users with high and new technology and quality services to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation;

Provide employees with career opportunities and development platform to realize life value;

Contribute to shareholders, achieve capital profitability and long-term returns;

For the society, make dedication, achieve harmonious development, human happiness.

People-oriented, leading science and technology, realistic and pragmatic, leapfrog development

Business philosophy

The spirit of enterprise

Innovation, efficiency, integrity and excellence

Professional, high-end and international

Be big, be strong, be first

Become the global leading enterprise in the membrane industry

Strategic goals

Management measures

First, put people first, use career to inspire people, use culture to promote people, use treatment to attract people, use the environment to transform people, use mechanism to retain people, give full play to the role of human resources, make the best use of people.

Ii. Establish scientific, standardized, modern and information-based management mechanism by combining the rule of law with the rule of virtue, and combining incentives and constraints.

Third, market-oriented, "four first-class" (first-class technology, first-class products, first-class service, first-class enterprise) as the standard, unity and hard work, actively explore, continue to carry out technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation, management innovation.

Four, take "three effects" (high efficiency, good effect, high efficiency), pragmatic, integrity as the criterion, users, social satisfaction as the goal, the pursuit of perfection, creation of excellence.


Fifth, the manager practices, takes the lead by example, establishes the learning organization, constructs has the ideal, has the moral, has the culture, has the discipline (has the quality, has the talent, has the responsibility, has the wealth) "four has" the staff team.

Vi. Create opportunities and platforms for employees to display their talents and realize their value, so that all employees have a sense of belonging, work together with the company to grow and develop, and share the company's development results.

Seven, create nine days unique enterprise culture, form nine days unique management mode.

Eight, build harmonious, joyful, full of inspiration, enduring, full of passion and vitality of the nine days of high school.