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The results of the "water project" were published in the first batch

2015/04/14 15:11
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Guo wei, China environment news reporter
According to the China environment net on April 7, 2015, the ministry of environmental protection has released the compilation of advanced technologies for water pollution prevention and control.
According to understand, to promote the water pollution control and management of science and technology major projects (hereinafter referred to as the "water") related to social sharing and application of technological achievements transformation, led the organization of environmental protection, water and housing urban-rural development since the implementation of the first phase of water output of more than 1000 key technology to evaluate the screening, invite domestic industry experts selected 283 advanced technology, economic and feasible, simple and convenient popularization, representative is of strong replication technology, prepare the formation of the first batch of the technology assembler.
According to the water project management office, in the past eight years since its implementation, the water project has played a leading role in preventing and controlling water pollution in major rivers, implementing the pollutant discharge permit system and the water pollution prevention and control action plan to be issued by the state council.
Water special key technology research and development of the first phase, a total of more than 1000, 500 the construction of demonstrative project of science and technology, more than 2300 apply for patents (1221 at home and abroad have been authorized patents), research and development of more than 100 fast detection methods, the formation of more than 300 standard and technical specification, has become a national water pollution control, water environmental monitoring and environmental management policy of key way, improve the ability and level of national environmental emergency monitoring, strong support for national and local pollution emissions.
The spread of the assembly technology covers the water pollution control technology of heavy pollution industry (68), a rural agricultural pollution control technology (25), water management and restoration technology (24), urban pollution control technology (43), drinking water security technology (50), monitoring and early warning technology (28) and management (45) seven areas, respectively from the selected technology special consists of lakes, rivers, city water, drinking water, monitoring, early warning and policy six themes, have been applied in the related demonstration project, and the actual implementation and the third party monitoring work, With the prospect of further promotion.