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CPhI 2020 came to a successful conclusion, and Jiutian Hi-Tech's dedicated service will never end!

2020/12/22 13:39
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The three-day "20th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition" and "15th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition" (CPhI & P-MEC China 2020) will be held in Shanghai on December 18. The International Expo Center came to a successful conclusion! Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jiutian High-Tech) participated in the exhibition as scheduled, and discussed solvent separation solutions with many audiences.


Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd.

▲Exhibition site


Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd.

▲Ji Zuhuan, general manager of the company, communicated with customers


Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd.

▲ On-site technical exchange


Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd.

▲Foreign visitors visit the booth


Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd.

▲Theme salon sharing


Organic solvents are widely used in medicine, chemical industry, dyestuff, rubber and other industries. They can be used as a release agent in the reaction process, as a crystallization solvent in the separation process, or as a solvent to dissolve other substances. In chemical synthesis and raw material drug production, the amount of organic solvents is huge, and solvent recovery has become an indispensable link in the pharmaceutical process. Traditional solvent separation processes such as azeotropic distillation, pressure swing adsorption, extraction, etc., generally have problems such as high energy consumption and low yield, and will cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Jiutian Hi-Tech applies membrane separation technology to the separation and purification field of the pharmaceutical industry, and provides a customized overall solution for solvent separation from technology research and development, process design, equipment manufacturing, engineering implementation, and project operation. It is highly efficient, energy-saving, and does not generate secondary Pollution and other advantages, help users improve production efficiency and achieve  clean production! We will insist on quality first, take customers as the center, strive for excellence, and wholeheartedly provide new and old customers with better services.


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