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Show your skills and show off your style丨Delivery Center prepares for 2023!

2023/02/10 16:28
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At the beginning of the new year, Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jiutian High-Tech) organized a unique welding skills competition to provide a stage for front-line employees to demonstrate their skills and learn from each other.

On the afternoon of February 6, more than 20 contestants from the technical team of the second production department of the product delivery center gathered together to compete in the same field to compete in welding skills.

Before the competition, the leader in charge will explain the rules of the competition and the setting of awards on the spot. The Human Resources Department will supervise and time the entire process, and the Quality Management Department will conduct acceptance and evaluation according to the specifications to ensure that the skills competition is fair, just, open and transparent.



▲The presentation of the competition system

The contestants are divided into pressure-bearing group and non-pressure-bearing group. The competition items include weld quality and forming quality, welding deformation, fillet weld quality, selection of welding consumables, and a series of practical work such as operation specifications and operation time. Key skills that must be possessed.

All the participants in this welding skills competition hold welding operation skill certificates. After a series of preparations such as wearing labor protection supplies and pre-checking the integrity of welding equipment, the competition officially begins.



▲Competition site

The contestants are in an orderly manner, enter the operation area in batches according to the divided groups, strictly abide by the operating specifications during the competition, and perform material pipelines, connecting flanges and pipe welding operations one by one according to the operation steps.

Due to the high standards and strict requirements in daily work, everyone has developed "genuine skills and hard skills". The competition scene is "unruffled" and actively participates with full enthusiasm, giving full play to their true strengths and fully demonstrating themselves. skill level.



▲Competition site

After an afternoon of fierce competition, all contestants completed all competition items on time, the operation process met the specification requirements, and the finished product met or even exceeded the acceptance standard.

Finished weldment display






Display of finished weldments

The finished welds of all weldments have beautiful lines and complete circular seam welding. There are no incomplete penetration, weld penetration, wrong edge, undercut, surface concave, welding slag, welding distillation, etc. on the inner and outer surfaces, and the RT rays are completely qualified.

The method of "promoting training through competition and promoting training through competition" can make more outstanding front-line employees stand out, help to comprehensively improve the professional skills and standardized operation awareness of participating personnel, and ensure that products are delivered on schedule with excellent performance.

Jiutian Hi-Tech always puts user satisfaction in the first place , and strives to serve every user wholeheartedly. The successful holding of this welding skill competition not only helps to improve the technical ability of operators, but also encourages all employees to study business, learn skills, continuously polish and temper skills, and lay a solid foundation for improving the comprehensive service level and quality of the enterprise.


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