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Help users start the "tough battle" to guarantee the supply of anti-epidemic drugs

2023/01/04 14:35
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With the optimization and adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy, coupled with the high virus load and rapid replication of the Omicron mutant strain, the market demand for antipyretic and analgesic drugs has increased sharply in the near future. In order to effectively alleviate the problems of "difficulty in buying medicine" and "difficulty in taking medicine" of the masses, as the largest integrated manufacturer of ibuprofen raw materials and preparations in China, Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has given full play to its responsibility as a state-owned enterprise to ensure the maximum release of production capacity.

Jiutian Hi-Tech, a subsidiary of Jiangsu Fengkeda Technology Co., Ltd., promptly mobilized elite soldiers and went to the production line of Xinhua Pharmaceutical as soon as possible to help users start the tough battle to ensure drug supply.


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Alcohols, as organic solvents, play a vital role in the production process of chemically synthesized APIs such as ibuprofen. The customized solvent recovery solution provided by Jiutian Hi-Tech for Xinhua Pharmaceutical is mainly used for the preparation and recovery of absolute ethanol. Although traditional azeotropic distillation and extractive distillation have formed a large-scale and highly mechanized anhydrous ethanol production process, the energy consumption is relatively high, and the entrainer or extractant will cause environmental pollution when the production operation is improper. As an important raw material drug production equipment, the molecular sieve membrane dehydration device independently developed by Jiutian Hi-Tech, the green separation technology can not only provide users with high-purity solvents, but also help users solve "high energy consumption", "high material consumption" and "high pollution" Wait for the problem.



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At the moment of the epidemic, in order to ensure the orderly progress of production, Jiutian Hi-Tech has formulated a series of strategic planning and safeguard measures:

 1. Active deployment and investigation of operational difficulties

Expand personnel, implement shifts, find ways to tap existing production capacity, and continuously optimize and improve production processes to further improve production efficiency and product quality.

2. Sorting out the system and formulating supply guarantee measures

On the premise of ensuring the safety of the company's own personnel, it races against time and runs at full capacity to quickly enter a full-load production state. At the same time, it actively coordinates with suppliers to ensure non-stop production.

3. Strengthen organization and strengthen production management

Hold a production scheduling meeting, sort out key customers, concentrate high-quality resources, and give priority to ensuring the product supply of anti-epidemic drug manufacturers.


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