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Volunteer blood donation, hold up sleeves for love丨Jiutian Hi-Tech once again participated in the voluntary blood donation activity

2022/09/30 11:43
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In response to the seasonal shortage of blood supply, the leading group of voluntary blood donation in Nanjing Pukou Economic Development Zone organized employees of enterprises in the park to carry out a voluntary blood donation activity on September 29. Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. ( referred to as Jiutian High-Tech ) responded positively. Under the leadership of the company's management, employees from all departments actively participated and held their sleeves for love!


▲Nine-day high-tech blood donation volunteers


From left to right: Delivery Center Inspector - Li Wei, Delivery Center Welders - Ren Qiming, Wu Yixin, Administrative Specialist - Ge Jiangang, Executive General Manager Ding Hongquan, Equipment Design Engineer - Liu Xu, Marketing Center Assistant - Li Wenjie

Among the volunteers of Jiutian Hi-Tech, there are "heroic veterans" who have persisted in donating blood many times, there are also "brave recruits" who participated for the first time and actively contributed, and there are many "heroes" who do not give up their eyebrows!


▲Blood collection site


Volunteers who participated in unpaid blood donation went to the designated place in the park collectively. Under the guidance of the on-site medical staff, they voluntarily showed their health codes, filled in the registration information, and cooperated to complete the blood donation process such as blood pressure measurement and blood test. They queued up to donate blood in an orderly manner, and ignited life with love hope.

The volunteers of Jiutian Hi-Tech are practicing the corporate purpose of "making contributions to society" with practical actions. In order to commend the advanced, the company rewards blood donation volunteers and encourages all employees to follow their example, dedicate their love with practical actions, and contribute to public welfare!


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