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Our company won the 23rd "China Excellent Patent Award"

2022/08/05 17:18
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Recently, the review results of the 23rd China Patent Awards were announced. Jiangsu Jiutian Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jiutian Hi-Tech) invented a patent "a process and device for increasing the yield of isopropanol by hydrogenation of acetone (ZL201310364054.1) "Won the China Patent Excellence Award!

The China Patent Award is the highest award in the field of patents in my country. It is jointly sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization. It is the only government department award in my country that specifically rewards inventions and creations that grant patent rights. It mainly considers the technological advancement of patents. , application and protection measures, social benefits and development prospects and other related qualities.


The award-winning patented technology involves a process for increasing the yield of isopropanol from acetone hydrogenation. In the process of hydrogenation of acetone to produce isopropanol, isopropanol, water, and acetone easily form a ternary azeotrope, which is dehydrated and separated by traditional azeotropic distillation, extractive distillation, etc., and sold directly as waste liquid, resulting in isopropanol The yield of propanol is reduced, and the production cost remains high.

Through continuous technological innovation, Jiutian Hi-Tech introduces pervaporation membrane separation technology in the process of hydrogenation of acetone to produce isopropanol, and uses membrane permeation method to realize the dehydration treatment of the mixed components of isopropanol, acetone and water, so that the acetone can be refluxed The front-stage reactor participates in the hydrogenation reaction, which solves the problem of ternary azeotropy formed by isopropanol, water and acetone, and greatly improves the conversion rate of acetone and the yield of isopropanol!


The process flow is shown in the figure:




Pervaporation membrane equipment


This patented technology realizes the process reengineering of acetone hydrogenation to produce isopropanol, optimizes the production link of isopropanol, the process is simple and easy to operate, reduces production energy consumption and cost, reduces carbon emissions, and improves the yield of isopropanol. No third component is introduced to avoid environmental pollution. Many sets of industrial equipment have been established in Jiangsu, Shandong and other places. Compared with traditional processes such as azeotropic distillation and extractive distillation, it can more effectively separate the water in isopropanol. The conversion rate of acetone can reach 99.9%. Alcohol yield can reach 99.5%.

As the first national high-tech enterprise in my country to realize the R&D, production, sales and service of inorganic pervaporation membranes, Jiutian Hi-Tech focuses on the design, delivery and service of organic solvent separation solutions centered on membrane products. The company has always carried out research and development around the core patented technology, and gradually realized the industrialization and large-scale promotion and application of a number of separation technologies!


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