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2022/02/19 15:20
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On February 18, the Pukou Economic Development Zone organized a visit to the party building base of "Towards the Future, Struggle and Start Again" , aiming to further strengthen the leadership of party building and effectively promote the high-quality development of the park. Cheng Siliang, deputy director of the Business Environment Department of the Development Zone Management Committee, and more than 30 people including new employees in the development zone and representatives of enterprise employees participated in this event.



Jiangsu Jiutian Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jiutian Hi-Tech), asthe "Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprises", "Excellent Unit for Standardized Construction of Grassroots Trade Unions" and "Advanced Unit for Safety Production Work" in Pukou Economic Development Zone, arranges party members and new employee representatives Participating in this event, through visiting and studying at the Party-mass Service Center of the Development Zone, you can learn more about the development process of party building, economy and society and the phased achievements achieved in the past 30 years since the establishment of the Development Zone, and earnestly understand that the people in the Development Zone have always adhered to entrepreneurial dedication, The spirit of pioneering and self-reliance, creativity and hard work, hard work and self-improvement,striving for excellence, self-confidence, innovation drive, and self-improvement.


Jiutian Hi-Tech was established in December 2011. Over the past ten years, it has been intensively cultivating in the professional field of solvent separation. Under the nourishment of the "fertile soil" in the development zone, it has continued to grow and develop. With the iterative update of products and the vertical derivation of product lines, it has developed from an initial single equipment manufacturer to a national high-tech enterprise that can provide overall solutions for solvent separation and high-quality services for users in the fields of fine chemicals, biomedicine, and new energy.


Jiutian Hi-Tech will actively implement the Pukou Economic Development Zone's "leading high-quality development with high-quality party building", increase continuous investment in technological innovation and strict control of product quality, and effectively improve its own innovation ability, professional level and core competitiveness. Efforts to build its own brand. In the era of economic globalization, Jiutian Hi-Tech will not only be a single solution provider, but we will seize the opportunity, closely follow the national industrial policy and regional economic planning, gain insight into the development trend of the industry in a timely manner, insist on independent innovation, and strive towards diversification The business direction is moving forward, and multi-dimensional help realize the "double carbon" goal!


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