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National Youth Civilization Number, on the list!

2021/12/09 15:58
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The results of the collective selection of the 20th National Youth Civilization were announced—according to the "Decision on Naming the 20th National Youth Civilization" jointly issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Zhongqing Lianfa [2021] No. 6) In 1881, the founding group was named the National Youth Civilization. The application development room of Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiutian High-tech Application Development Room") was selected into the "National Youth Civilization" of the industrial and information system.

▲ Selected documents



Jiutian Hi-Tech Application Development Office is mainly engaged in the development and application of organic solvent separation and purification integration technology with membrane separation technology as the core. The proportion of young employees reached 75%, 6 of them had a master's degree or above, and 13 were party members.





Jiutian High-tech Application Development Office adheres to the tenet of "scientific and technological innovation, leading development", closely combines the characteristics of enterprise scientific and technological work, focuses on improving technological innovation, service innovation, and management innovation, and strives to create "first-class technology, first-class products, first-class quality , first-class service". As the first team in China to carry out research and development of molecular sieve membrane technology, it has continued to conduct in-depth research in its professional field. The company has R&D platforms such as "Jiangsu Engineering Research Center", "Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center", and "Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center", and undertakes the national "863" project, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Project, Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Projects and more than ten provincial and ministerial projects, applied for more than 120 patents, authorized 79 patents, 5 software copyrights, participated in the preparation of 1 national standard and 2 industry standards.


▲Pilot test device


▲Small test device


▲Pervaporation test device


▲Application development room staff



Jiutian High-Tech Application Development Office has been awarded the honorary titles of "Nanjing Youth Civilization" and "Jiangsu Youth Civilization" by the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League. Its membrane research and development team was awarded the "Worker Pioneer" by the Nanjing Federation of Trade Unions in 2019. The team leader Yang Zhanzhao led the team to establish the "Yang Zhanzhao Innovation Studio", and was awarded the "Nanjing Employee Innovation Studio" in 2016.


▲Construction of enterprise R&D platform



The application development room of Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. will be based on scientific and technological innovation, with the concept of "youth leads, strive to achieve dreams", master cutting-edge technology, continue scientific research and tackle key problems, demonstrate the youthful power of technological innovation, and realize life from "excellent" to "excellent". Excellence" leap!


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