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Make contributions to the "14th Five-Year Plan" and forge ahead on a new journey丨Green separation technology helps realize the goal of "double carbon"

2022/05/11 15:14
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Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Jiutian High-Tech) actively participated in the exhibition organized by the Pukou District Federation of Trade Unions to watch the "Jiangong'14th Five-Year Plan" Endeavor New Journey" Nanjing Employees' Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements Exhibition. The achievement exhibition was held in Nanjing Workers' Cultural Palace.



Visiting the exhibition site


The Nanjing Workers' Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements Exhibition is divided into three parts: the outstanding scientific and technological innovation achievements of the employees, the advanced operation methods of the employees, and the excellent invention patents of the employees. Show the new demeanor of down-to-earth, courageous struggle, reform and innovation of front-line workers.


As the first inventor, Yang Zhanzhao, director of research and development of Jiutian Hi-Tech, led the team to complete the project of "Research and Development and Industrialization of New Molecular Sieve Membrane Scale Preparation Technology", which was unveiled at the exhibition of excellent technological innovation of employees! The project won the "Nomination Award for the Eighth Jiangsu Provincial Staff Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements (2016)".



The lecturer introduced the selected projects of Jiutian Hi-Tech on the spot


The innovative achievements of this project have broken through the technical barriers such as membrane layer defects and poor stability caused by the uneven distribution of pore size of conventional supports. The synthesized molecular sieve membrane is dense, stable and has controllable performance. The structure and surface properties of the support body can be adjusted, the mechanical strength is high, the wear resistance is good, and it is not easy to break during use, and the inorganic ceramic material is resistant to organic solvents and high-temperature sintering, and the product stability is greatly improved.


The new membrane separation technology with molecular sieve membrane as the core, the process is simple to operate, saves energy consumption, does not introduce a third component in the process, and is clean and environmentally friendly. Jiutian Hi-Tech owns the thermal coupling technology with independent intellectual property rights, fully utilizes and recovers waste heat, greatly reduces steam consumption, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 10,000 tons per year.


This exhibition provides a platform for the employees of Jiutian Hi-Tech to exchange and share innovative achievements, which will help the promotion and application of scientific and technological innovation achievements, and will urge us to explore and seek truth endlessly on the road of innovation, and strive to Make greater contributions to customers and society!



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