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Warm congratulations on the successful holding of the 2019 annual meeting of Jiutian Hi-Tech

2019/02/18 14:59
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The Swiss dog bids farewell to the old year, and the golden pig welcomes the new year. On January 28, 2019, Jiutian Hi-Tech held the company's 2018 Summary and Commendation Conference and 2019 Welcome Party in the beautiful Pukou Yufa Ecological Park. Company leaders and employees gathered together to share 2018 and look forward to 2019!




At the summary and commendation meeting held first in the afternoon, Mr. Ji Zuhuan, the general manager of the company, first made "Innovative Development, Recreation of Glory - 2018 Annual General Manager Summary Report", which gave the company a year's experience in production management, product research and development, technological innovation, market The development, technology projects, after-sales service and other aspects of work were comprehensively summarized, fully affirmed the company's achievements and progress in all aspects in the past year, and expressed gratitude to all employees of the company for their hard work. The past year has been a fruitful year for Jiutian Hi-Tech. While the sales performance has hit a record high, the production technology level and management level have stepped up to a new level. The performance of the core product molecular sieve membrane has been steadily improved, and the research and development results have been remarkable. In 2018, the company applied for 10 new patents and authorized 8 patents; it won the first prize of Science and Technology Award of China Membrane Industry Association, Nanjing Excellent Patent Award and many other awards. 2019 is a crucial year for the company to achieve leapfrog development. According to the company's strategic plan, Mr. Ji formulated the main business and management objectives for 2019, proposed 7 specific work plans, and pointed out that the company will fully implement excellent performance management in 2019. Subsequently, Mr. Ji read out the "Decision on Commending Advanced Workers and Excellent Managers in 2018", commended and rewarded 8 advanced workers and 3 outstanding managers with outstanding achievements in 2018, and called on all employees to learn from their hard work , forge ahead with the fighting spirit, and make greater contributions to the development of Jiutian. Finally, Mr. Ji read out the "Notice on the 2018 Technological Innovation Award", and rewarded the winners who promoted the company's "technical innovation, management innovation, and service innovation". At the end of the summary and commendation meeting, Mr. Qingtian, chairman of the board, delivered a speech. The chairman congratulated the company on its achievements in 2018, expressed its gratitude to all the employees who are fighting on the front line, and pointed out that opportunities and challenges coexist in 2019, a new year, a new journey, and a new dream. Sales is the leader, technology is the support, quality is the guarantee, innovation is the drive, comprehensively improve the innovation ability, and realize the rapid and steady development of the company.




In the ensuing Spring Festival Gala, elites from various departments took to the stage to show off their singing voices. There were bursts of laughter and applause at the party. Especially in the lottery draw to give benefits, the atmosphere at the scene was particularly high. This year's annual meeting has a total of special prizes, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth prizes, and the award coverage rate is close to 80%. Finally, the Spring Festival Gala ended successfully with the song "Friends" brought by the middle and senior managers.




Looking back on 2018, we worked together, worked hard, and gained together; looking forward to 2019, we have firm eyes and full confidence, and we look forward to a more brilliant tomorrow for Jiutian.


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