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The 5th Winter Games of "Nine-day Cup" was grandly held

2017/02/09 14:26
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In order to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enhance corporate cohesion, and demonstrate the spirit of Jiutian people, on December 30, the fifth "Jiutian Cup" Winter Games was held in the company's stadium. Mr. Ji Zuhuan, general manager of the company, Mr. Qingjun, chairman of the labor union, and many other senior leaders attended the sports meeting. Mr. Weng Guoxian served as the chief referee of this sports meeting, and more than 120 employees including contestants and cheerleaders from various departments participated in this event.

After one month of careful planning, the whole company was divided into 5 system teams to participate in, including Jiutian Excellence, Production Department, Technology Center, Quality Department, Water Treatment Department, Commerce Department, Office, Finance Department, logistics department. Each system attaches great importance to the game. After careful preparation and warm-up training before the game, the players are full of enthusiasm and their competitive state is very good. Each system has dispatched elite soldiers and strong generals, and they have the momentum not to take the first place and vow not to give up.

A total of 10 competition events have been set up in this sports meeting, namely 100-meter speed run (male and female), 3000-meter long-distance race (male and female), rope skipping, men's table tennis singles, badminton singles (male and female), badminton doubles ( Mixed gender), 4*100m relay (team), tug of war (team), long rope jump (team) and football. It is particularly worth mentioning that football matches and long rope jumps are newly added competitions this year. The employees are in high spirits and actively participate! Out of style, out of level competition. Athletes competed in speed, endurance, and skills. They chased after each other, marched forward bravely, and persevered. They won cheers and shouts from the audience! The final tug-of-war competition can be said to test a team's cohesion, cooperation spirit and The best time for organization and discipline, bursts of cheers and cheers erupted outside the arena from time to time, the players on the field mustered their energy, and even the normally elegant ladies became strongmen at this time.

After a day of fierce competition, Mr. Weng Guoxian, the chief referee, finally announced the results of the competition, and more than 40 competition awards were produced. Mr. Ji Zuhuan, the general manager, called on all employees to carry forward the spirit of never admitting defeat and forging ahead reflected in the sports meeting, and bring the fighting spirit of "fighting for the first place" to their future work and life.

This sports meeting is the fifth winter sports meeting held by the company. It not only enhances the employees' awareness of physical fitness, stimulates the spirit of teamwork, daring to fight, and self-improvement, but also builds a brand-new communication and cooperation platform for employees. Enterprise cohesion, create a positive corporate atmosphere, and achieve the goal of stable and harmonious development of the enterprise.



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