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Jiutian Hi-Tech sponsored and participated in the International Membrane and Membrane Process Conference

2017/08/16 14:37
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From July 29th to August 4th, 2017, the "Olympic Conference" of the international membrane and membrane process - ICOM2017 was held in San Francisco, USA. As the gold sponsor of the meeting, Professor Gu Xuehong, the founder of Jiutian Hi-Tech Molecular Sieve Membrane Technology, and Dr. Yu Congli, the company's deputy general manager, attended the meeting; Professor Gu Xuehong published a speech entitled "Hollow fiber supported zeolite membranes: From laboratory to industrial application "The academic report received extensive attention from the participants.

The International Conference on Membranes and Membrane Processes (ICOM) is the highest academic conference in the international membrane field. It is held every three years. The participants are all top membrane experts from all over the world. As an international leading company in the field of molecular sieve membranes, Jiutian Technology co-sponsored the conference with well-known companies such as Air Liquide and ExxonMobil. The delegates at the meeting fully affirmed the achievements of Jiutian Hi-Tech in the field of molecular sieve membranes in recent years, and believed that this technology will surely achieve considerable development in the fields of biology, energy, and medicine. Through the exchange of this meeting, Jiutian Hi-Tech has further enhanced its international reputation.

During the meeting, Professor Gu Xuehong and Dr. Yu Congli also visited Membrane Technology & Research (MTR) in the United States. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on further technical exchanges and cooperation and joint development of the international market.



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