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Jiutian Hi-Tech successfully participated in the 18th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition

2018/07/05 14:45
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From June 20th to 22nd, 2018, Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. participated in the 18th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition held at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

The World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition has created the most authoritative trading platform for the API industry, leading a group of API companies to go global, and looking at the development of the industry, it is constantly seeking changes and subdividing the industry sector. It has now developed into a serial pharmaceutical raw material (CPhI ), pharmaceutical contract customization services (ICSE), biopharmaceuticals and technology (BioPh), natural extracts (NEX), pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment (P-MEC), pharmaceutical packaging materials (InnoPack), biochemical, analytical instruments and laboratories Equipment (LABWorld), pharmaceutical environmental protection and clean technology (EP & Clean Tech), pharmaceutical logistics (P-Logi) 9 major exhibition areas, covering the entire pharmaceutical industry chain of the pharmaceutical international exhibition.

During the three-day exhibition, Jiutian Hi-Tech exhibitors focused on displaying superior products, automated production equipment, and a sound R&D, production, and sales system through brochures, videos, and other forms. The atmosphere at the company's booth was warm and orderly. Exhibitors communicated and negotiated with business elites from all walks of life, seriously answered various questions from customers, and exchanged business cards with each other.

Through exhibition marketing, the company conducted business communication and information sharing with customers, which further enhanced the company's popularity and brand influence. The company's exhibited products, inorganic pervaporation permeable membranes and complete sets of equipment, won the attention and praise of customers and achieved a complete success!



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