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Jiutian Hi-Tech 2017 Excellent Staff Zhejiang Two-day Tour

2018/07/06 14:46
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In order to commend the advanced, set an example, stimulate the subjective initiative of all employees, and reward outstanding employees with outstanding performance, the company organized a two-day trip to Zhejiang for outstanding employees in 2017 from June 30 to July 1.

On the first day of the itinerary, everyone came to Wuzhen, an ancient water town with a thousand years of history in Tongxiang, Zhejiang. We visited the former residence of Contradictions, learned about the great achievements of a generation of literati, saw the legendary Lin's shop, and had a dialogue with Contradictions in time and space for a hundred years. This stop is full of spiritual food for everyone.

Then everyone drove to the second stop of the trip, Songcheng Scenic Area. The scenic spot was built in imitation of the Qingming Riverside Map, which reproduced the prosperous scene of the Song Dynasty city. Various performances reflecting the Song Dynasty's humanities seemed to bring everyone back to the Song Dynasty. Large-scale singing and dancing "Song City Eternal Love" has brought you a visual feast.

On the second day of the itinerary, everyone came to the beautiful West Lake, and was deeply attracted by this excellent picture of spring scenery in the south of the Yangtze River. Some people strolled along the Su Causeway, overlooking the Leifeng Pagoda, and some went boating on the West Lake, admiring the moon reflected in the Three Pools. Every scene It makes people linger. At the last stop of the itinerary, everyone chose to visit the Yuewang Temple. With admiration, they visited the statue of Yue Fei and the tomb of Yue Fei. They felt his loyalty to the nation and the country. inspiring and educating.

During the tour, everyone helped and took care of each other, which strengthened their relationship with each other and created a united and harmonious team atmosphere. In the future, I will devote myself to the work with fuller enthusiasm and more energy, and continue to make my own contribution to the further development of the company.



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