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Jiutian Hi-Tech 2018 Excellent Staff Wuxi Two-day Tour

2019/06/25 09:33
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In order to reward employees who have made outstanding contributions, enhance employees' sense of happiness, and let employees share their development achievements, the company organized a two-day trip to Wuxi for outstanding employees in 2018 from June 15th to June16th.

On the first day of the itinerary, everyone first came to Wuxi Lingshan Giant Buddha, one of the Five Buddhas in China. It is the tallest bronze statue of Buddha in the world. Here, everyone watched the performance of the Kowloon bathing, and felt the charm of Buddhist music and Zen in the music of "Buddha's Birth"; People climbed 218 steps and received a baptism of the soul.

Then everyone drove to the Oriental Zen Land - Nianhua Bay. Nianhua Bay is named after Zen, it originated from Zen, and it is a free garden with a beautiful Zen heart. There are various themed restaurants, creative cuisine, cultural shops, and experience workshops. Everyone tasted the local creative food, visited the specialty shops on the street, and swayed the scull boat. The accompanying children were very excited; as night fell, the lighting program of the Nianhua Tower was extremely shocking and brought a visual experience to everyone. feast.

On the second day of the itinerary, everyone came to Yuantouzhu, Taihu Lake. Yuantouzhu has beautiful mountains and clear waters, and is natural. The main attractions include archways, Changchun flower ripples , seven-masted sailing ships, and the Strait Friendship Stele. Some people walk on the flower path, some wading barefoot on the low beach, some take a boat to surf the lake, sit on the reef to meditate, and enjoy the beauty of Taihu Lake. Every scene makes people linger and forget to return.

As an excellent manager and excellent employee team in 2018, in this tourism activity, everyone helped each other, united and friendly, fully demonstrated the good mental outlook of the company's employees, and broadened their horizons while relaxing and relieving pressure. Enhanced cohesion and a sense of belonging.



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