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Jiutian high-tech products were included in the third batch of innovative product promotion and demonstration recommendation catalogs in Nanjing in 2019

2019/10/24 15:33
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On October 21 , 2019 , the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued the notice of "Nanjing 2019 Innovative Product Promotion Demonstration Recommended Catalog (Third Batch)", the product of Jiangsu Jiutian High-tech Co., Ltd. - solvent recovery for complex systems The complete set of rectification - molecular sieve membrane coupling separation equipment was selected into the Nanjing 2019 Innovative Product Promotion Demonstration Recommended Catalog (the third batch).

This catalog shows some of the best innovative products in Nanjing at present. They represent the development direction of advanced technology, have clear property rights, reliable quality, and products or services with market potential, covering AI artificial intelligence, rail transit, new materials, and smart cities . , data security and other cutting-edge industry fields.

Jiutian Hi-Tech's "rectification - molecular sieve membrane coupling separation equipment for complex system solvent recovery" is developed by the company after years of research and development. Aiming at the problem of difficult promotion of molecular sieve membrane separation equipment, the existing rectification separation and molecular sieve membrane dehydration The separation process is highly integrated, and the molecular sieve membrane dehydration equipment is introduced as an overall process flow, which improves the application breadth of molecular sieve membrane technology. In December 2017 , "Rectification - molecular sieve membrane coupling separation process technology for solvent recovery in complex systems" was appraised by an expert group headed by Academician Gao Congjie and Academician Shu Xingtian. It is of great significance to realize the energy saving and emission reduction of traditional industries; the technology has reached the international advanced level".

At present, Jiutian Hi-Tech has applied innovative products in the separation and purification of ethanol, isopropanol, acetone and other solvents, showing huge advantages in energy saving and emission reduction, reducing the investment cost of the entire set of equipment, and facilitating the dehydration of molecular sieve membranes in organic solvents field promotion.


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