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Warm congratulations on the successful holding of the 2020 annual conference of Jiutian Hi-Tech

2020/01/20 16:38
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On January 17, 2020, Jiutian Hi-Tech 2019 Summary and Commendation Conference and 2020 Spring Festival Gala were grandly held in Pukou Yufa Ecological Park. The company leaders and all employees gathered to share 2019 and look forward to 2020!



At the summary and commendation meeting, Mr. Ji Zuhuan, the general manager of the company, delivered a speech. On behalf of the company, he expressed his sincere greetings to all the employees of Jiutian Hi-Tech, fully affirmed the company's achievements in 2019, and pointed out the shortcomings. Subsequently, Mr. Ji read out the "Decision on Commending Advanced Workers and Excellent Managers in 2019", commended and rewarded 7 advanced workers and 2 outstanding managers with outstanding achievements in 2019, and called on all employees to learn from their hard work , forge ahead with the fighting spirit, and make greater contributions to the development of Jiutian. At the end of the commendation meeting, Mr. Qingtian, chairman of the board, delivered a speech. 2019 has become the past. In 2020, I hope that all Jiutian people will continue to forge ahead bravely, seize the day and night, and live up to the glory. In the new year, we will surely achieve new achievements Achievement.



In the part of the Spring Festival Gala, the wonderful programs brought everyone a visual and auditory feast. Elites from various departments came to the stage to show off their singing voices. There were bursts of laughter at the party. Cheers. Another tipping point of the New Year's party is the on-site lucky draw, which is a long-awaited surprise moment. With the rapid scrolling of the big screen of the lottery and the "stop" of the lucky draw guests, the stage and the audience interacted passionately, and the surprises, screams and warm applause rendered the whole venue into a sea of ​​joy.





The 2020 Jiutian High-Tech Annual Meeting finally came to an end amidst lots of laughter. I believe that it is because of our hard work in the past year that we will show the most brilliant smiles at the end of the year. Go further, let us unite closely and continue to write a new chapter.


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