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The resumption of work and the "epidemic", here we come!

2020/02/20 12:54
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On the twenty-seventh day of the first lunar month, Jiutian Hi-Tech officially resumed production and work. During the epidemic, the company conducted personnel flow and health checks on all employees, and performed twice-daily location check-in and "daily health check-in" through DingTalk. At the same time, purchase the epidemic prevention materials needed to resume work, and share epidemic prevention knowledge on DingTalk.

Before the official resumption of work, the company has arranged for nearby employees to conduct a comprehensive disinfection of the entire factory area, including the membrane workshop, equipment workshop, office building and canteen. In order to protect the health of employees to the greatest extent, Jiutian Hi-Tech strictly screened the first batch of returnees while daily monitoring and caring. The first batch of returnees must be those who have not been out of Nanjing in the past 15 days, and have no contact history, no history of cold, fever, cough, etc. The company prepares two masks a day for each employee, conducts body temperature measurements twice in the morning and afternoon, and disinfects the soles of shoes when entering the factory. During the epidemic, employees are required to bring their own lunch boxes, and gather at intervals of one meter between lunches, and return to their respective desks for meals after lunches are completed. During working hours, the company arranges special personnel to disinfect the entire factory area every day. For external visitors, body temperature measurement and a special reception area will be arranged, and they will not be allowed to enter the office area.

The resumption of work this year is destined to be different from previous years. Every employee has a more serious and serious face. I believe that through the efforts of all employees, starting from ourselves and doing a good job of protection, we will surely win this battle against the "epidemic".


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