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Regard safety and quality as more important than Mount Tai, and work hard to create high-quality products

2020/08/05 15:28
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      Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Jiutian High-Tech) specializes in the R&D, production, application and general engineering contracting services of inorganic pervaporation membranes, rectification towers and complete sets of equipment. Over the years, the company has fully implemented the safety and quality management system, practiced the corporate purpose of " providing users with efficient technology and high-quality services ", pursued the quality policy of "scientific management, quality first, careful construction, and continuous improvement", and made great strides all the way. Come to the head position of the industry. During this period, the company has served thousands of users, and there are countless successful application cases at home and abroad. Excellent product quality and good user reputation are inseparable from strict control of all aspects of safety and quality management.


▲Complete equipment


 " Quality is the foundation of the enterprise, and safety is the life of the enterprise. " In the actual operation process, the company always adheres to the construction of safety culture, continuously strengthens the quality awareness of all employees, and continuously improves the quality and safety assurance capabilities. The heads of all departments have firmly grasped the quality management tools and applied them proficiently, effectively implemented the quality and safety work, strictly controlled the process design, raw material procurement, technical support, production and transportation, and after-sales debugging, and regularly invited third parties The certification body conducts on-site audit of the ISO9001 quality management system. After full communication and comprehensive review, the expert group spoke highly of the operation status of our quality management system.

▲Membrane production quality control process



▲ Equipment production quality control process





     ▲Testing process control




In order to ensure the safe operation of all links of installation, repair and transformation of pressure-bearing special equipment, and effectively prevent accidents, the company has formulated regulations in terms of materials used, attached safety accessories, safety protection devices, and facilities related to safety protection devices. Effective safeguard measures, strict implementation of safety technical specifications in actual production, forming a complete set of recording materials, obtaining the type test report of the equipment, and recently passed the on-site evaluation by the professional appraisal and evaluation agency appointed by the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau. , Obtained the qualification for the installation, repair and transformation of pressure-bearing special equipment!


The content of the on-site appraisal review includes three aspects: resource conditions, quality assurance system, and product safety performance. The review process includes viewing the site, checking relevant qualification documents, and inquiring about the person in charge of quality control. There are as many as 113 items of review content, covering all production links of the company. In the company's daily management, various production and quality control processes strictly implement the special equipment manufacturing and installation license regulations, advocate high-quality, efficient, and high-standard production activities, and ensure that customers are provided with first-class product quality and first-class after-sales service!


 1. Quality assurance system documents

      1 set of quality manual, 54 items of management systems, 16 items of process regulations, 145 items of quality records, and 66 items of production process control.

 Two, the main process

      Including process design, materials, welding, inspection, non-destructive testing, pipeline anticorrosion, physical and chemical inspection, equipment management, etc., the company's various manufacturing processes have documented procedures, and special process documents such as process operating procedures and quality record forms have been formulated.

3. Staffing

      Inspection equipment and technical personnel, production personnel, inspection personnel, and welding construction personnel are adequately configured. Equipped with a special material warehouse, classified and partitioned, and stored in batches. The production process is complete, with cutting equipment, forming equipment, welding equipment, welding material drying and heat preservation equipment, lifting equipment, inspection and testing equipment, measuring instruments, etc., which have been verified and calibrated according to regulations.


▲Daily work site


▲The scene of the review meeting


Safety and quality management focuses on process control. The company will strengthen safety and quality risk assessment, safety and quality supervision and inspection, and continue to improve the system construction so that there are rules to follow and continue to promote implementation.


▲Standardized production workshop


     Safety and quality are the basis for the survival of an enterprise and the prerequisite for its steady development. With the vision of " becoming a "unicorn" in the film industry ", Jiutian Hi-Tech will always adhere to independent innovation, firmly grasp safety and quality management, and strive to improve the key The level of equipment, in order to promote the development of China's membrane industry, contribute to the strength of Jiutian people!


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