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2-day trip to Oriental Salt Lake City for outstanding employees of Jiutian Hi-Tech in 2019

2020/08/18 16:17
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The sun is scorching hot and full of passion. On August 15 and August 16, 2020, Jiutian Hi-Tech Company organized outstanding employees in 2019 to go to Oriental Salt Lake City in Maoshan Tourist Area, Jiangsu, to start the journey of "Tao" method.

Oriental Salt Lake City integrates the natural resources of Maoshan, a famous Taoist mountain in China, Taoist culture, and Jintan's geographical culture, creating the first landscape cultural tourism resort in China, which demonstrates the landscape feelings of "Taoism follows nature, and harmony between man and nature".

Stepping into the scenic spot of Oriental Salt Lake City, everyone's interest is not affected by the high temperature. Surrounded by green mountains and green waters, it brings a little coolness to the scorching summer. Strolling in the joyful and peaceful Maoshan town, you can feel the ancient streets and alleys, the simplicity and quietness of the "Maoshan Customs Township Square", the simplicity and tranquility of the "Xuanmen Miaoyunshi Square"; Rejoice in the prosperous age, joy and prosperity; experience the mystery and uniqueness of "Baochun Yannian Medical Workshop", Daoyun Kangsheng. The perfect combination of scenery and architecture makes people linger and forget to return, drawing a clean picture of "Tao follows nature". The performance at Tai Chi Square is as hot as the summer temperature, allowing everyone to experience the most authentic mountain town life while laughing.

The two-day trip gave everyone a preliminary understanding of the Taoist culture embodied in the scenic spot. I hope that the essence of Taoist culture, such as "people follow the earth, the earth follows the sky, the sky follows the way, and the way follows nature" and "the unity of man and nature", can provide you with Provide a good concept of work and life, dare to face the difficulties of life and work, overcome obstacles, and reach the pinnacle of your life.

Jiutian High-Tech provides a broad and worry-free environment for everyone, let us show our "Tao" method in this environment, and create brilliant moments with the company.



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