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The 13th five-year industrial development seminar was held by the expert committee of membrane industry association

2019/06/26 09:07
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On August 11, 2015, "expert committee of China film industry association and" 13th five-year "film industry technology seminar" was successfully held in jiangsu film science and technology industrial park. The meeting shall be convened by the Chinese film industry association and membrane by nanjing university of technology institute of science and technology, including high from kai academicians, xu academician, high Jian tin member association expert committee chairs and members of more than 40 famous experts and scholars attended the meeting. High, director of the committee of experts from member of kai chaired the meeting.



Mr. Wang jiwen, secretary general of China film industry association, made a speech at the beginning of the conference, fully affirming the contributions of experts to the development of the film industry during the 12th five-year plan period.

Subsequently, secretary-general youkinder of the commission of experts introduced the organizational structure of the commission.

At the meeting, zheng xiang, associate professor of renmin university of China, reported the formulation of the 13th five-year development plan of China's film industry, and analyzed the current situation of China's film industry from the aspects of film output value, technology, enterprises and market. Professor xing weihong, vice chairman of China film industry association and vice President of nanjing university of technology, introduced the general situation of nanjing university of technology and institute of film science and technology, and the operation of jiangsu film science and technology industrial park to the participants.

At the meeting, professor zhang jinsong of shenyang institute of metal research, Chinese academy of sciences, director zhang dong of 301 hospital of Chinese people's liberation army and professor cui guanglei of Qingdao institute of biological energy and process, Chinese academy of sciences were invited to give academic reports. The conference was presided over by academician jian xigao. The three excellent reports provide guidance for the formulation of the 13th five-year plan of membrane industry from the perspectives of the national level, biomedicine and energy.

Academician xu nanping also delivered an important speech at the conference. He pointed out that the development of China's film industry during the "13th five-year plan" is closely related to the positioning at the national level, which requires the joint efforts of experts and entrepreneurs. We should stick to the idea of the parallel development of basic research and industrial technology, take the innovation-driven development strategy as the orientation, improve the equipment manufacturing capability of the membrane industry, realize the intelligent manufacturing technology, and improve the innovation capability of the membrane industry as a whole.



On the afternoon of the same day, the meeting arranged a visit to jiangsu jiuwu high-tech co., LTD and jiangsu jiutian high-tech co., LTD.

Subsequently, the conference held a discussion on the "13th five-year" development plan of the membrane industry, and the seminar was chaired by the secretary-general youkinde. The members of the expert committee present at the meeting held a heated discussion, during which they made speeches and put forward many valuable Suggestions.



Before the end of the seminar, secretary-general youkinder indicated that he would take your views into full consideration and further supplement and improve the plan. At the same time, please send your opinions to the secretariat in written form as soon as possible.

Finally, from high kai academician summary speech for the meeting, the agenda of the meeting satisfied with smoothly, announced the end of the meeting.