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Reverse osmosis deep treatment of leachate in shantou leishi sanitary landfill

2019/06/26 09:10
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According to shantou daily network on January 29, 2015, the thunder stone sanitary landfill is the only clean treatment of household waste in the central city, bearing the responsibility of the consumption of more than 1,350 tons of household waste per day for more than 1 million people in the central city. Since the landfill site has been in full capacity for more than 10 years, in order to ensure that the daily household waste generated in the central urban area can be safely treated in a timely manner, our city will carry out the landfill expansion project in the xiangshanwu mountain on the southeast side of the landfill site. The reporter understands from city city management bureau, the expansion project has already completed the land acquisition work at present, anticipated this year may starts.

It is understood that the project is estimated to have a total investment of 168.6 million yuan. According to the treatment scale, the short-term plan is 1,500 tons per day, and the long-term plan is 410 tons per day. The expansion project is planned as "two areas and one system", namely, domestic garbage landfill area, solidified ash landfill area and leachate collection and treatment system. The main construction contents of the project include earthwork engineering, groundwater and leachate drainage engineering, seepage prevention film laying engineering, flood interception ditch engineering, dam engineering, landfill gas collection and drainage engineering, leachate collection and treatment engineering, etc.

It is understood that in order to prevent the leachate generated by the landfill from polluting the soil and groundwater in the area, the project has designed the seepage prevention structure of the expansion project with a high standard and a high starting point, and adopted the composite import seepage prevention film to completely isolate the reservoir area from the underground and effectively prevent the pollution of the leachate. In addition, an advanced leachate treatment system is adopted, and the leachate is treated by deep reverse osmosis technology. After treatment, the quality of waste water completely conforms to the national discharge standards. At the same time, the landfill gas recovery purification technology is adopted, through the landfill is covered with soil and film, and landfill gas extraction purification into commercial biological gas, waste into treasure.

"Shantou daily" reporter Yang ke