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Leachate treatment by membrane process will be put into use in hegang municipal solid waste landfill in heilongjiang province

2019/06/26 09:29
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According to the northeast net hegang news on January 19, 2015, recently, the reporter learned in the municipal urban management bureau environmental protection department, after two years of intensive construction, now the project has come to an end, will soon be put into use.

It is understood that the city's daily daily household waste of more than 1,000 tons, all the use of simple landfill treatment. The collected garbage, without treatment, is directly dumped into the abandoned open pit, causing the leachate and fermentation gas in the garbage to cause serious pollution to groundwater, urban air and surrounding soil, affecting the normal life and work of nearby residents and units, endangering the health of citizens, and there are also potential safety hazards. At the same time, also let the city face the "garbage siege" dilemma. It is an effective way to solve these problems to introduce modern municipal solid waste treatment. At the same time, the ministry of housing and urban-rural development has also issued relevant requirements on the harmless treatment of urban household waste in recent years, that is, by 2015, the harmless treatment rate of urban household waste should reach more than 80 percent, and a sound regulatory system and mechanism should be established for the treatment of urban household waste.

Municipal party committee and municipal government attach great importance to the treatment of urban household waste. Since 2008, this work has been listed as one of the important livelihood projects. It is planned to build a household waste treatment site in our city and report it to relevant provincial departments for project approval. After preliminary site selection, environmental assessment, land acquisition, technical research, financing and more than two years of construction, the project has taken shape and will soon be put into use.

The project site is located at nanshan forest farm in the west of heyi highway, 20 kilometers away from the city center. The total investment of the project is 167.08 million yuan, covering an area of 24.7 hectares, with a total storage capacity of 5.39 million cubic meters. After the completion of the landfill, will adopt a new type of anaerobic sanitary landfill method, the bottom with high density polyethylene geomembrane double artificial compound anti-seepage technology, landfill anti-seepage system set up garbage leachate collection system, the leachate using the original filter tank add acid pretreatment and two-stage reverse osmosis process, meet the national standards before discharge, solved the problem of waste leachate pollution of groundwater; The problem of air pollution caused by waste fermentation gas is solved by the establishment of a guide, discharge and recycling system and terminal treatment of the gas generated from landfill. The project includes construction of garbage collection and transportation system, sanitary landfill area, leachate treatment station, management area and related public facilities and related equipment. In late December 2014, the project has been completed 255000 cubic meters of landfill dam, percolation night guide line system of more than 1000 cubic meters, guide line system of more than 122000 cubic meters of groundwater, built intercepting flood ditch dug earth more than 17700 cubic meters, 630000 square meters of laying geotextile, laying geomembrane more than 420000 square meters, brought into yellow clay seepage control layer of more than 354000 cubic meters, compaction yellow clay seepage control layer of more than 354000 cubic meters. Landfill area drainage system, anti-seepage system, regulating tank, flood interception ditch, comprehensive office building, leachate treatment workshop and equipment installation has been completed. After the domestic waste treatment project is put into use, it will produce good social and environmental benefits and play an obvious role in improving the urban ecological environment of our city.

Sun pengfei, reporter of hegang daily