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Jiangsu institute of film science and technology institute felt the general secretary's expectations

2019/06/26 09:30
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Over the past few days, general secretary xi jinping has visited nanjing and zhenjiang inspection sites, and the excitement has not subsided. Face-to-face communication, zero distance interaction, greatly uplifting the spirit of the masses of cadres. "Build a new jiangsu with a strong economy, a prosperous people, a beautiful environment and a high level of social civilization."

The only spot xi jinping visited in nanjing was the industrial technology research institute of jiangsu province, reflecting the high importance the country's leaders attach to technological innovation.

It has been less than a month since professor liu qing, executive director of the provincial industrial technology research institute, was appointed vice President of chongqing university. From the communication between the general secretary and the scientists, he felt that the general secretary was very concerned about scientific research, was familiar with many fields of scientific research, and was very interested in new achievements and technologies in the field of science and technology. "The general secretary hopes that we will actively explore the reform of the science and technology system, promote the in-depth integration of science and technology with economic and social development, and unleash the vitality of innovation through reform.

Liu qing said that the institute should bear in mind the general secretary's directive of "seize the moment with a sense of urgency, and effectively grasp the effectiveness of innovation", continue to explore boldly in deepening reform, and strive to form a new mechanism conducive to the production of innovation results, and is conducive to the industrialization of innovation results. "Next, we will not only attract the resources of domestic universities and research institutes through reform and innovation, but also attract the basic research results of world-class universities and research institutions to jiangsu and turn them into valuable technologies. In the future, we will reform our scientific research system as long as it is conducive to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the enhancement of innovation capacity. Iitri should give full play to the role of 'experimental field' for reform and shoulder the responsibility in jiangsu's industrial transformation and upgrading."

As the specific person in charge of "the world's first complete set of zero-discharge pulping and papermaking wastewater complete process", professor Yang gang from the institute of membrane science and technology of the institute of industry and research felt the party and the country's high expectations for scientific research workers from the general secretary's attention to this project. "The general secretary is very concerned and interested in the development and progress of science and technology in the field of environmental protection. This makes me feel a great responsibility as a researcher in membrane research." Yang gang said that they should keep the general secretary's instructions in mind, continue to optimize the process, and further reduce operating costs and equipment investment costs. At the same time, we should expand our research to more fields, conduct integrated innovation, and give full play to the advantages of membrane technology.

"The general secretary asked us, 'how are we doing? Say, 'I hope you take root.' "This not only reasserts us researchers from universities outside the province to start businesses and make innovations in jiangsu, but also demands that more basic scientific research achievements go beyond the purview of universities to serve economic and social development." "Said Chen biaohua, director of the carbon fiber application technology research institute and vice President of Beijing university of chemical technology. Yang xiaoping, a professor at Beijing university of chemical technology and the deputy director of the carbon fiber application technology research institute, told reporters that they have taken root in jiangsu, and the institute has enjoyed the smooth development of various systems and mechanisms brought about by the institute's "one opinion, one discussion" reform. "In the next step, we should do more work in" taking root ", not only to let our university's team of professors take root here, but also to let more high-level talents such as doctors settle in jiangsu, so that more research topics come from the actual needs of jiangsu enterprises. Mr. Chen and Mr. Yang said.

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