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Jiangsu University pioneered a protein enzymatic hydrolysis membrane separation coupling reaction technology method

2015/01/26 15:10
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According to Science and Technology Daily News on January 20, 2015, about 90 million tons of protein by-products are produced in my country's agricultural product processing industry every year. Due to high degree of denaturation, low solubility, and poor nutritional quality, they cannot be fully utilized, resulting in serious waste of protein resources.

The National 863 Program "Biotransformation and Refining Key Technology and Development of Low-value Protein Resources" project Jiangsu University team broke through the bottleneck problem, pioneered a number of key technologies, and created a series of multi-mode ultrasonic equipment. Among them, "Research on key technologies for efficient preparation of functional polypeptides by enzymatic method and creation of ultrasonic-assisted enzymatic hydrolysis equipment" won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education in 2013, and won the first prize of Technology Innovation Award of China Food Science and Technology Society in 2014 prize.

The research group established a new technology of multi-mode ultrasonic-assisted extraction and a new method of multi-mode ultrasonic intensification of proteolysis reaction, pioneered the technology method of protein enzymolysis membrane separation and coupling reaction with intelligent control of gradual thinning feed, and established an ultrasonic-enhanced fermentation process new technology.

my country's ultrasonic equipment is simple and backward. This project created 12 working modes and developed 15 ultrasonic equipment, of which two modes are the first at home and abroad. my country's first frequency-sweeping multi-frequency ultrasonic-assisted enzymolysis test equipment, the first Multi-frequency countercurrent energy-concentrating and the first dual-frequency sweeping divergent ultrasonic-assisted enzymatic hydrolysis industrial equipment. Established my country's first ultrasonic-assisted enzymatic hydrolysis functional polypeptide production line, realizing the large-scale production of rapeseed polypeptide. The rapeseed polypeptide, corn polypeptide and other products produced are well received by the market, and the production line of wheat germ polypeptide is under construction.

my country's vegetable oil preparation technology, the oil quality is unstable, the environment is polluted, and the utilization rate of raw materials is low. The National 863 Program "Food New Enzyme Creation and Bioprocessing Key Technology Research and Innovative Application" Project National Academy of Grain Sciences, Northeast Agricultural University Research Group , to achieve safe, efficient and clean food production with mild bioprocessing technology.

The project has broken through the core technology, created a new type of sugar enzyme preparation, realized the acquisition of new enzymes and their genes from high temperature environments, constructed genetically engineered bacteria, created a new type of enzyme preparation enzyme for enzymatic oil extraction, and realized the composite protease catalysis technology System construction, established pretreatment technology suitable for different research objects, and developed pretreatment equipment suitable for protein-based oil dissociation.

The phenomenon of emulsification commonly occurs in oil bio-dissociation technology. This project has determined the appropriate removal technology, so that the yield of free oil in soybeans and sunflower seeds is greater than 90%, and the yield of free oil in special oils is greater than 80%. The demulsification mechanism of the milk method obtains thermophilic cellulase and glycosidase, which improves the speed and efficiency of oil biodissociation. Among them, "Innovation and Application of Key Technology and Equipment for Vegetable Oil Biological Dissociation and Refining" won the first prize of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Invention in 2013.

"Science and Technology Daily" / Ma Aiping


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