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Warm congratulations on the successful holding of the nine-day high-tech 2019 annual conference

2019/06/26 09:13
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Ruidog farewell old year, golden pig welcome New Year. On January 28, 2019, jiutian high-tech held the company's 2018 summary and recognition conference and 2019 welcome party in the beautiful pukou yufa ecological park. Company leaders and employees gather together to share 2018 and 2019!




First carries on the summary commendation congress on in the afternoon, our general manager Mr JiZuHuan first do the "innovation and development, create brilliant - 2018 general manager summary report", a year to the company in the production management, product research and development, technology innovation, market development, science and technology project, after-sales service and other aspects has carried on the comprehensive summary, fully affirmed the company over the past year's achievements and progress in various aspects, thanks to the company all staff's hard work. The past year has been nine fruitful days for high school students. At the same time, the production technology level and management level have reached a new level. Molecular sieve membrane performance of core products has been steadily improved, with remarkable research and development results. In 2018, the company applied for 10 new patents and authorized 8 patents. It has won the first prize of science and technology award of China film industry association, nanjing excellent patent award and other awards. 2019 is a critical year for the company to achieve leapfrog growth. According to the company's strategic planning, general manager ji formulated the main operating and management objectives for 2019, proposed seven specific work plans, and pointed out that the company will fully implement performance excellence management in 2019. Then, always read the "about recognition of 2018 advanced workers and excellent management decision", the 2018 annual outstanding achievements of eight advanced workers, three outstanding managers give commendation and reward for, called on all staff learning they work hard and forge ahead of the fighting spirit, make greater contribution to the development of nine days. Finally, general manager ji read out the "notification of 2018 annual technological innovation award" and awarded the winners who promoted the company's "technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation". At the end of the summary and commendation meeting, Mr. Qing tian, chairman of the board delivered a speech. , chairman of the company, congratulations to all the company's achievements in 2018 to fight in a line to thank the staff, points out that in 2019 both opportunities and challenges at the same time, the New Year, new journey, a new dream, wish all the staff continue to sales as tap, supported by technology, take the quality as the guarantee, driven by innovation, improving the ability to innovate, to achieve sound and rapid development of the company.




In the following spring party, the elites of various departments came to the stage to sing, the party site bursts of laughter, applause. Especially in the welfare link of lucky draw, the atmosphere of the scene is particularly high, this annual meeting is divided into special prize, first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth prizes, the coverage rate of awards is close to 80%. In the end, the Spring Festival party ended successfully in the song "friends" brought by middle and senior management.




Looking back at 2018, we have made concerted efforts to forge ahead and harvest together. Looking forward to 2019, we are firm in vision and full of confidence, and look forward to an even more brilliant tomorrow in nine days.