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The nine-day high tech party branch organized party members to visit the new look of the Yangtze river bridge

2019/06/26 09:14
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On the eve of the completion of the closure construction and renovation of nanjing Yangtze river bridge, on the morning of December 28, the nine-day high-tech party branch organized a special activity for party members -- hiking 8 kilometers through the memory sites of the bridge, and witnessing the return of the bridge's new life!




Fifty years have passed since it was opened to traffic in 1968. The nanjing Yangtze river bridge has borne the affection, love and precious memories of countless Chinese people. In October 2016, the bridge was completely closed for renovation. On December 29, 2018, the bridge will reopen to traffic and return to public life.

The bridge was opened to the public for three days before it was officially reopened. At 9 o 'clock on the morning of 28th, the party members of the nine-day high school branch were ready to go, walking to the bridge with excited mood. We measure the bridge with the footprint of 50 years, looking for the bridge growth footprint.

"The nanjing Yangtze river bridge has witnessed 50 years of independent and self-reliant development of China, which also includes 40 years of reform and opening up," said party members attending the event. As a great achievement of the new China, nanjing Yangtze river bridge bears the memory of several generations of Chinese people. It is an inheritance of spirit and strength. Through this party building activity, the majority of party members enhanced the sense of mission and responsibility, have expressed to be based on the post, with more full enthusiasm towards the new journey.