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Jiangsu Jiutian Hi-Tech successfully held a membrane separation technology exchange seminar

2016/03/26 14:12
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In order to promote the application of membrane separation technology in the recovery of organic solvents and wastewater treatment in pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises, reduce process costs, reduce the discharge of three wastes, and realize the upgrading of traditional technologies, Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd. -On the 25th, membrane separation technology exchange seminars were held in Taizhou, Zhejiang, and Jinan, Shandong, respectively, to carry out special exchanges on the current problems and technical difficulties of relevant enterprises in organic solvent recovery and wastewater treatment. The two conferences attracted more than 60 well-known pharmaceutical and chemical companies and related scientific research institutes, and government environmental protection departments to participate, such as Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical, Taihua Pharmaceutical, Taizhou Environmental Protection Bureau, Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Qilu Anti Pharmaceutical, etc. 

At the seminar, Dr. Yu Congli, deputy general manager of Jiutian Hi-Tech, and Yin Yanqi, general manager of the Water Treatment Division, made technical reports respectively. Dr. Yu Congli introduced the application status and development prospects of molecular sieve pervaporation membranes, and focused on the innovative coupling process of molecular sieve membranes and traditional distillation towers developed by Jiutian Hi-Tech for the recovery process of various complex organic solvents. The characteristics of the technology and the tower technology optimize the entire process and realize the energy saving and cost reduction of the process. General manager Yin Yanqi introduced a variety of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment processes, waste lye recovery processes and traditional Chinese medicine extraction processes to achieve energy saving, emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources.

The representatives at the meeting fully affirmed the technological advancement of Jiutian Hi-Tech in the field of membrane separation and its benchmarking role in the solvent recovery industry, and carried out in-depth technical exchanges on specific issues; Pan Xugao, deputy general manager of Taihua Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. specially introduced The application of Jiutian Hi-Tech's molecular sieve membrane equipment in Taihua's acetone solvent dehydration. He commented on Jiutian Hi-Tech products as "advanced technology and excellent quality", and was visited by the leaders of Taihua Israel Headquarters many times, and was unanimously recognized.

Finally, Mr. Ji Zuhuan, the general manager of the company, pointed out that Jiutian High-Tech will take technology as the guide, provide customers with the least investment, the lowest energy consumption, the best economic and environmental protection technical solutions, solve the problems of organic solvent recovery and wastewater treatment, and realize cooperation and mutual benefit. win. After the meeting, the participants also visited the site of the 3,000-ton/year isopropanol molecular sieve membrane dehydration project in Taizhou.



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