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Inorganic membrane technology and application training course students visit Jiutian Hi-Tech

2016/04/29 14:15
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On April 29, more than 50 students from the inorganic membrane technology and application training course sponsored by the China Membrane Industry Association and co-organized by the "Industrial Water Treatment" magazine visited, studied and communicated with Jiangsu Jiutian High-Tech Co., Ltd.

Ji Zuhuan, general manager of the company, and Xiangli Fenjuan, deputy director of the technology center, introduced the characteristics, advantages, engineering applications and new technology development of inorganic molecular sieve membranes to the trainees, and listened to and answered their questions.

Through the visit and exchange in Jiutian High-tech, the trainees not only deeply understood the knowledge of molecular sieve membranes, but also fully affirmed the contribution made by Jiutian High-tech in the promotion and application of molecular sieve membranes.



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