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Warm congratulations to Yang Zhanzhao of Jiutian Hi-Tech for winning the advanced individual title of "Nanjing May 1st Labor Medal"

2016/05/01 14:17
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On April 29th, the "Labor Achievement Dreams" sponsored by Nanjing Federation of Trade Unions and Nanjing Radio and Television Group was grandly held in the Nanjing TV Studio Hall on the "May 1st" International Labor Day Award Ceremony in Nanjing. He was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Individual" in the Municipal Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Merit Contest, awarded the "Nanjing May 1st Labor Medal", and received the award as an individual representative of dual innovation and innovation. This is another commendation from the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions after Jiutian Hi-Tech won the Nanjing Workers Innovation Studio.

At the meeting, Huang Lixin, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, delivered an important speech. Secretary Huang first congratulated the advanced units and individuals who were commended, and extended holiday greetings to the laborers who are fighting on all fronts in the city. She emphasized that since last year, in the face of the complex macroeconomic situation and the heavy task of reform and development, the whole city has pioneered and innovated, forged ahead, made gratifying achievements in various tasks, and made solid steps in the construction of New Nanjing. The achievement of these achievements embodies the hard work of the vast number of workers in the city, and demonstrates the style of Nanjing's working people in the new era of innovation, entrepreneurship and excellence.



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