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Warm congratulations to Yu Congli of Jiutian Hi-Tech for winning the honorary title of "Top Ten Youth" in Pukou District

2016/05/14 14:19
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On the morning of May 14th, the launch ceremony of the Cross-Strait Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity Season and the 5th Pukou District "Top Ten Youth" commendation ceremony with the theme of "Innovation Lights up Youth Entrepreneurship and Dancing Dreams" was held in the auditorium of the Pukou District Government in Nanjing. held with grandeur. Qu Weimin, Secretary of the District Party Committee, Jiang Min, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Provincial Committee, Zheng Xiaoming, Member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Minister of Propaganda, Li Yuming, Deputy Director of the District People's Congress, and other guests attended the launching ceremony. In addition, about 400 representatives of young entrepreneurs from provinces and municipalities, representatives of colleges and universities stationed in the district, representatives of "Top Ten Youths", representatives of entrepreneurial youths, and youth representatives of grass-roots league organizations also participated in the event.

Dr. Yu Congli, deputy general manager of Jiutian Hi-Tech, won the honorary title of the 5th "Top Ten Youth" in Pukou District. The meeting showed the spiritual outlook and moving deeds of the "Top Ten Youth" through VCR. Leading representatives presented awards to the young people who won the title of the fifth "Top Ten Youth" in Pukou District, hoping to establish a good social image and public status of the "Top Ten Youth" through selection and selection of outstanding young people.

Finally, Qu Weimin, Secretary of the District Party Committee, sent a message to the youth of the district, hoping that the youth of the district would follow the example of the "Top Ten Youths" and create a good atmosphere among the youth that "everyone looks for a benchmark, everyone learns from the advanced, and everyone compares contributions". Three hopes are put forward: First, value should be realized in entrepreneurship and innovation. Second, we must exercise and grow while taking root in the grassroots. Third, we must strive to set an example in promoting righteousness.



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