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Jiutian Hi-Tech 2015 Excellent Staff Huangshan Two-day Tour

2016/06/06 14:23
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In order to commend the advanced, establish a model, and reward outstanding employees with outstanding work achievements, the company organized a two-day trip to Huangshan Mountain for outstanding employees in 2015 from June 4th to 5th, visiting the Emerald Valley Scenic Spot and Furong Valley Scenic Spot in Huangshan Mountain, and experiencing the Jiaxi River drifting.

On the first day of the itinerary, everyone came to the Jiaxi River rafting place known as "the first drift in Huangshan". The whole rafting distance was about 5 kilometers. Standing on the wall, the forest is lush, the bamboo sea is vast, and the tea gardens are continuous. Sometimes dangerous peaks, strange rocks, blue sky, and white clouds are reflected, the shallow water is crystal clear, and the deep water is like emerald jasper, where fish and shrimp play. The whole rafting process only lasted about an hour, but it was full of thrills and excitement, and even full of laughter. Although everyone became a "drowned chicken", from the smiling faces, the harvest of joy The words are beyond words, and the distance between everyone has narrowed again. Afterwards, everyone drove to the second stop of the trip, Furong Valley Scenic Area. It is a mysterious grand canyon at the northern foot of Huangshan Mountain, with a total length of 10 kilometers. The different pools are as green as emeralds, shimmering and colorful, making people linger and forget to return. In addition to admiring the beautiful scenery, everyone also visited the ancient and primitive living environment of the "primitive tribe" black Wa savages in the scenic area with great interest, and watched performances such as mountain flying, bamboo climbing competition, climbing knife mountain, and stepping on glass. Everyone applauded.

On the second day of the itinerary, everyone drove to the Emerald Valley scenic spot in the east of Huangshan Mountain, also known as "Lover Valley". It is the longest grand canyon in the east of Huangshan. The reputation of the five uniques. Everyone wandered in it, feeling the beautiful peaks in the valley, the array of strange rocks, the long flowing green water, and the towering ancient trees. They took pictures one after another and praised the beautiful scenery and wonders. At the same time, Emerald Valley is also the main filming location of the movie "Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger". The wonderful scenes in the film, such as fighting in bamboo shoots, love by the pool, searching for swords in deep pools, and riding on waterfalls, were all taken in the valley. OK.

During the tour, colleagues helped each other and took care of each other, which enhanced communication and created a united and harmonious team atmosphere. After returning from the tour, everyone devoted themselves to their work with fuller enthusiasm and more energy, and made persistent efforts to achieve better results and contribute to the better tomorrow of Jiutian!



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