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Distillation - membrane separation integration technology is a highly integrated distillation separation and molecular sieve membrane dehydration separation process, dehydration and recovery of organic solvents technology. Fractionation-membrane separation integration technology mainly has two situations: 1) the distillation equipment is introduced before the molecular sieve membrane equipment, and the solvent vapor on the top of the distillation tower directly enters into the membrane separation system in the form of gas phase, so as to realize the coupling operation of distillation and membrane separation, shorten the process, and significantly reduce the energy consumption in the secondary evaporation process of molecular sieve membrane equipment. 2) after the molecular sieve membrane is equipped, the distillation equipment is introduced. The solvent vapor after the dehydration of the molecular sieve membrane is not condensed, and is directly introduced into the post-stage refined distillation column in the form of vapor phase, so as to realize the coupling operation of membrane separation and rectification, and significantly reduce the energy consumption of the refined distillation column.

In addition, jiutian high tech owns small and pilot experimental devices of distillation and membrane separation integration technology, carries out relevant experiments of separation and dehydration for specific solvent systems, obtains basic data, and independently develops molecular sieve membrane process calculation software on this basis. The process control system and equipment of distillation - membrane separation integration technology were developed.

Technical advantages:

1) through the recovery of waste heat of solvent vapor, the energy consumption of the process can be fully saved, which is more than 40% energy saving compared with the conventional distillation and adsorption processes.

2) the high-temperature and high-pressure steam at the top of the distillation column can directly enter the molecular sieve membrane separation system, significantly improving the membrane separation efficiency.

3) it is suitable for dehydration of organic solvent with different water content or solvent products with high water content requirement, which widens the application scope of membrane separation and dehydration technology.

4) the automatic control system and equipment optimization in the coupling separation process improves the stability of the production process, realizes the miniaturization of the coupling device, and reduces the equipment cost and operation cost.

Technical appraisal:

On December 16, 2017, sinopec union organized by the high from 堦 academicians, ShuXingTian academicians, director of the expert group of "facing the complex distillation system solvent recovery - molecular sieve membrane coupling separation technology" has carried on the achievements appraisal, think "the technology in the promotion of related industrial process technology upgrading, the traditional industry is of great significance to the energy conservation and emissions reduction; The technology has reached the international advanced level.




Technical application:

At present, 15 sets of industrial equipment of distillation and membrane separation integration technology have been established in shandong, liaoning, zhejiang and other places, saving energy and reducing consumption, bringing huge economic and social benefits to customers.