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Jiangsu jiutian high-tech co., LTD., located in pukou economic development zone, nanjing, was founded in December 2011, with a registered capital of RMB 30.8 million. 

Relying on the membrane science and technology institute of nanjing university of technology, jiutian hi-tech technology has established a close industry-university-research cooperation, and has a technical research and development team led by academicians and chief scientists of the national "973" project, among which there are 4 doctors and 20 masters in the company. The company focuses on the research and development, production and sales of pervaporation membrane separation technology and products, which are used for organic solvent dehydration and solvent separation in chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, energy and other industries. Compared with the traditional separation technology, the new pervaporation membrane separation technology can achieve fine separation at the molecular level and save 30%~50% of energy.

At present, only two foreign companies, gft-ikts in Germany and mitsui shipbuilding in Japan, can provide commercial products of molecular sieve pervapidation membrane dehydration. Through years of research and development, jiutian hi-tech co., ltd. is the first company in China to realize the industrialization of NaA molecular sieve pervaporation film, and its market share in the pharmaceutical industry has reached over 90%. The company has undertaken more than 20 projects such as national 863 project, jiangsu scientific and technological achievements transformation project, and jiangsu industrial transformation and upgrading project. The company has a number of internationally leading pervaporation membrane separation technology, independent intellectual property rights and proprietary core technology, more than 100 patents applied, more than 70 authorized patents, 5 software Copyrights.

The company was identified as a high-tech enterprise in jiangsu province in 2013 and passed the reexamination in 2016. The company has successively won: national intellectual property rights advantage enterprise, China petroleum and chemical industry technology innovation demonstration enterprise, China film industry new sharp enterprise, nanjing shou contract and credit enterprise, jiangsu province patent award excellence award, nanjing manufacturing single champion, south jiangsu national independent innovation demonstration zone, and other honors. The company's technical achievements won the first prize of technical invention of China petroleum and chemical industry association in 2012, the first prize of science and technology award of China film industry association in 2017, and was recognized as "jiangsu province's specialty and special new products", "jiangsu province's high-tech products" and other honorary titles. At present, the company is in a rapid rise period, in Harbin pharmaceutical group, sanjiu pharmaceutical group, tianshili group, hengrui pharmaceutical and other large listed pharmaceutical enterprises to promote nearly 300 sets of industrial devices; Core products molecular sieve pervaporation film sales to the United States, the European Union.

Jiutian high-tech actively leads the drafting of national standards and industry standards, and participates in the formulation of the national new materials development plan of the ministry of industry and information technology. "made in China 2025" roadmap clearly lists "pervaporing membrane" as an important direction of solvent separation technology development in the future.

Jiutian high-tech will grasp the historical opportunity, continue to increase research and development investment, continue to improve the technical level, and actively explore the domestic and foreign markets, in order to enhance China's pervapourization film technology level, comprehensively promote the technical progress of related industries, in order to achieve the great goal of China's "clear water and blue sky" continue to forge ahead!


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